Weeding of flowers in the maintenance of green areas and home gardens 14

When maintaining green areas, one of the important measures that is highly valued is to remove weeds. Weeding in gardens is one of the most common gardening services, which is important not only to achieve maximum decorative effect, but also to protect plants from harmful weeds that stop or hinder their development (as in the photos taken by Editor B and niiicedave).

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different types of weeds in size, shape, color, brand and price, devices that contribute to easier and faster removal of unwanted weeds. ограничител за трева пластмасов

It is recommended to start weeding as early as possible in the spring and to do it systematically throughout the season. It can be performed at any time of the day. plastic stopper for grass

Weeds in the garden Weeding is good to do together with loosening the soil, because it is more appropriate.

Undoubtedly, the best time for weeding is after rain or after abundant watering, because then the soil is moist and weeds are easily removed by roots, and after they are uprooted, they do not appear for much longer.

It is very important to remove weeds by roots or, if it is not possible, to cut them to the maximum depth in order to limit their development or spread as much as possible.

Once removed, they must be collected in a pile and destroyed (it is best to burn them), because in the beginning weeds have extremely aggressive seeds, unlike seeds of flowers and herbs and spices, which are easily spread by the wind (because are quite light, and in most cases quite numerous and have 90% germination, which means that they germinate 90 percent of the seeds) and if you do not destroy them you risk the opposite effect – to scatter them even more, which means more work, more frequent weeding and so on.

A garden overgrown with weeds. Carpet flower figures are weeded without loosening, because they usually have quite dense plants and with one loosening you risk spoiling or disturbing the integrity of the composition, as well as removing or destroying a plant.

Another way to kill weeds is by using herbicides. Before using a herbicide, it is good to consult a specialist – a gardener or from the store itself (agro pharmacies are called), from which you will buy it, because different herbicides are imported in a certain way and in certain textures.

Most plants tolerate the use of one or another herbicide more than 50 days after planting.

Photos: Lux Garden Ltd., Editor B and niiicedave

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