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Seeds of soft white Cobea – Cobea scandens White

From the garden center – “Garden Shop pro” you can make an online order of luxury seeds of white Cobea (Cobea scandens White).

This interesting climbing plant is ideal for growing in a pot on the balcony, which, however, must be equipped with a garden support (plastic ladder for pots), on which the Cobea can hold.

It is best to sow the seeds of white Cobea in March, initially in a pot, which should be covered with glass. When there is no danger of young plants being scalded by late frosts, you can plant them outdoors if you prefer to grow them in the garden.

The white Cobea is an annual flower that belongs to the climbing plants. You can enjoy the white cup-shaped large flowers throughout the flowering period from July to October.

When sowing the seeds of this ornamental vine, be sure to choose a well-protected place from air currents, because the beautiful climbing plant prefers sunny, sheltered from the wind.

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Seeds of white cotton – Gossypium herbaceum

Especially for connoisseurs of dry arrangement, we are pleased to present you the seeds of cotton (Gossypium herbaceum). This variety of cotton is one of the most common. It belongs to the Malvaceae family, the genus (Gossypium).

Cotton is widespread in America, Africa, and India. From the seeds of cotton will sprout a perennial fiber plant, which is low-growing and most often reaches a height of 50 cm. The plant forms soft and white balls, due to the growth of its seed bud.

The fibrous white threads of cotton are made of about 91% cellulose (cotton contains wax, fat, mineral salts, etc.) and have great strength. It is best to sow cotton seeds in places with full exposure to the sun.

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Seeds of room maple (Abutilon) Abutilon hybridum

From some e-shop for gardening, you can order exotic seeds from abutilon (room maple) online. The diverse mix of house maple seeds will delight you in the colors – yellow, pink, and purple.

This plant is perfect for growing in hanging baskets and pots, it can also be grown in the garden. It is known as house maple because its leaves are surprisingly similar to those of the Acer tree (Maple, Maple) and belong to the mallow family (Malvaceae).

Abutilon is easy to grow, the requirements for its location are related to preferences for bright and warm places. It is best to grow outdoors because the small tree needs sunlight. During the winter months, store abutilon indoors.

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