Spring and autumn work jacket made of pure cotton

Shop gardenshop.pro online for семена на домати червени work clothes presents you an interesting offer – spring and autumn work jacket at a great price of 100% cotton. The jacket we offer you here is characterized by a reflective edging, which would be useful if you work on projects related to infrastructure or your activity requires work in low visibility conditions. The reflective edging is useful and adds more security during extreme conditions.

The color of this jacket for work for spring and autumn is in the blue range, darker and an idea brighter blue. The fastening is combined – with zipper and velcro. The straight silhouette of the cut will give you the comfort you need when you have to wear it.

From a practical point of view, spring workwear has four pockets with a standard volume. You can take only the most necessary things with you. For most work activities, this is quite sufficient, as it eliminates the danger of overloading yourself with tools that you may not use. In case you need a jacket with voluminous pockets, you can view our offers.

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Pavement slab 30/30/4 cm smooth from vibropressed concrete

Online store for garden flooring Semenata Shop presents a great product for yards and gardens – paving slab 30/30/4 cm with a classic smooth surface тротоарна плоча 30/30/4 см.

The pavement slab 30 30 4 cm is made by a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of concrete products. They are composed of a special concrete mixture, which is vibropressed with machines to reach a higher density. Through this production technology, the paving slab obtains a higher load resistance and a correspondingly longer period of use.

The model concrete pavement slab 30 30 4 cm is highly valued for its elegant smooth surface. It is the classic elegant design that makes it suitable for use in the construction of flooring around different types of buildings, regardless of their style.

The pavement slab has a side width of 30 cm and its thickness (height) is 4 cm. This model is also produced with a thickness of 5 cm. Whether you use 4 or 5 cm thickness, it is good to provide tiles for the construction of garden, yard or different types of outdoor flooring that will only be loaded by pedestrian traffic. It is not recommended to use the model sidewalk slab smooth for construction of places where cars and trucks will be parked or passed.

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Sidewalk tiles for Shumen and all of Bulgaria 30/30/5 cm

Online store Semenata Shop presents another quality product for the construction of various types of exterior flooring – paving slabs with the possibility of delivery to Shumen, Shumen region and throughout Bulgaria. тротоарни плочки шумен

This model of paving slab for Shumen and Bulgaria is highly valued for its smooth surface and classic square design. The size of a tile is 30/30 cm and its thickness is 5 cm. This universal size and shape make the tiles great for building different types of outdoor pavements that are for pedestrian traffic. The thickness of the tile does not allow the construction of parking lots and pavements, which will move cars, mopeds, motorcycles and more. types of vehicles, even lighter ones. If you need to build areas that will rarely be loaded by car traffic, we recommend the use of concrete pavers over 6 cm thick or interesting proposals for concrete parking elements 60/40/10 cm, as well as plastic grilles for parking .

The Shumen sidewalk tiles 30/30/5 cm with a smooth surface are made by a renowned Bulgarian manufacturer. They are made of high-strength concrete, which is vibropressed on special machines. Through this technology of production of concrete products, a significantly higher density of the concrete slab is achieved, and hence a longer-term operation of the concrete product.
Pavement tiles smooth 30/30/5 cm are widely used in the construction of garden flooring. Their advantage is that they are relatively light for a concrete product, easy and quick to install and have a long period of use.

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How to choose suitable potted plants? 61

What are the right potted plants for the garden? With the exception of large large trees such as oak or redwood, as well as those that develop a strong root system (or plants with a long central root), almost all plants are suitable for growing in pots and pots, as long as you have a large enough container.

Even these large trees can be grown in pots, but will not reach the size they could reach if you plant them in the yard. Such trees are often grown in pots by professionals in the field of bonsai, participating in the creation of a unique design in the garden and yard. But for the balcony are not very suitable, in the world there is a huge variety of vegetation that you could use for this purpose.

There is a wide range of different in type, color, decorative effect, etc. Some have spectacular flowering, others are deciduous, others have interesting fruits.

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Constant care for plants 58

Garden maintenance activities are quite important to grow well, to have good growth, to have large and abundant flowers and fruits, our plants. It is good to have subscription support for green areas. When maintaining a garden in the yard and house, you should constantly pay attention to your ornamental plants, their needs and whims. The best solution for this purpose is to hire a company that offers subscription maintenance of gardens, but necessarily at reasonable prices, especially if you use quality grass mixtures.

If you have decided to do it yourself for this purpose, it is good to know the intricacies of gardening. There are a large number of currents in the landscaping of gardens and yards. The differences come from the culture, the way of life, the economic condition of the country and respectively the climate. For example, Canada is a country with a diverse climate and cultures. There are different types of gardening. But whatever the peculiarities, attention must be paid to post-plant care. тревни смески качествени

In most species, and even in all plants, some small care is constantly needed to keep them in good condition, especially during flowering.

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Landscaping of yards and parks with Caucasian fir (Abies nordmanniana) 40

This type of fir is very similar to ordinary fir in morphological features. In our country it reaches a height of about 25 – 30 m, but in its natural habitat the mountains of the Caucasus reaches a height of 55 – 65 m.

Its crown is very dense, sometimes located at the base of the crown and has a narrow conical shape (sample photos taken by lorca56 and nautical2k), which makes it suitable for landscaping of yards and gardens, landscaping of private villas and houses. At first the twigs are hairy, but as it grows a little they become smooth. The leaves are 2 to 4 cm long, flat at the top, rounded or incised.

On the upper side the leaves are dark green and shiny, and on the lower side they are light green with two white stripes. The cones are relatively long, reaching about 20 cm. Fir cones are made up of two types of scales, one called seed or seed scales and the other type of roof or roof scales.

Caucasian fir (Abies nordmanniana разделител за райграс и градина) It is characteristic of the Caucasian fir that the roof husk, which is located behind the seed, protrudes and has a sharp tip curled to the base. This is a pretty good diagnostic sign by which professionals who deal with tree diversity (dendrologists) recognize this type of fir.

The distribution of Caucasian fir is not very wide. It is found in the mountains of the Caucasus and Asia Minor. As the altitude at which it climbs is a maximum of 2000 m, and the minimum altitude at which it can be found and at which it does not suffer damage is 800 m.

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Interior landscaping with Soleirolia soleirolii 32

Soleirolia Soleirolii – general speciesSoleirolia Soleirolii is a very popular plant in our country for many years, which is quite attractive with its delicate and fresh green leaves.

It is known in the field of garden landscaping and more precisely in interior landscaping with its Latin name Soleirolia soleirolii (sample photos taken by Stéfan).

It is appreciated by specialists in interior design, and many home flower lovers like and use it.  ограничител за трева солейролия

Soleurolia Soleurolia is a perennial plant, which means that its lifespan exceeds two years. For the climate conditions in our country (temperate latitudes), it is not winter hardy, but it can successfully replace ryegrass grass in your winter garden due to its soil cover qualities. He often grasses with the oil of various types of winter gardens. It is also used for landscaping the yard and garden, but with harvesting during the winter months.

Soleirolia, Soleirolia soleiroliiThis is the reason why soleirolia is used only for interior decoration. It is used as a decorative leaf because its colors are not beautiful and its leaves are quite spectacular.

They are quite small and numerous, about 3-5 mm in diameter. The leaf mass of the whole plant is about 6 to 8 cm high.

One interesting quality of it is that its stems easily take root when in contact with the soil. Due to this quality it is often used as a ground cover plant.

It grows equally well in both warm and cool rooms, but only if the air temperature does not fall below 8 degrees. Requires intense light, but not direct sunlight, because in direct sunlight the leaves turn yellow.

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