How to grow pink tomatoes Pink Magic

The Rosado or Rosa tomato Pink Magic is a medium-season variety, with a low yield, with fruits of 120 to 180 g. It is an excellent tomato if it is harvested when it is ripe. Fruits with very fine skin, dense flesh, juicy, sweet and very fragrant. One of the best fruits for salads. The Pink tomato is quite tolerant to mold and very easy to grow, learn how to sow and plant pink tomato in an organic and natural way, in this article we teach you the necessary care so that the pink tomato plant grows healthy and gives the best fruits. семена на домати розова магия

Origin and characteristics of the Pink Tomato
The pink tomato is, like all tomato varieties, native to South America. It has round fruits and firm flesh. Botanically speaking, tomatoes are considered fruits because they are the result of the transformation of an ovary found into a flower.

Pink tomatoes have a sweet, fruity flavor. Average weight per fruit: 400 g. They can be ripe all summer long, light pink in color, turning pastel red when ripe.

How and when to plant tomato Pink Magic
Sowing pink tomatoes should be started in late winter or early spring, in a warm bed (20 °) or indoors or in a heated greenhouse, in fine planting soil. Tomatoes need a constant minimum of 20 ° C to germinate.

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How to grow coriander plant in pot at home

Coriander is an herb with a long history behind it. Today, the herb is used in large parts of the world as a flavoring in cooking, but it has also appeared as a medicinal plant, and it is mentioned in Papyrus Ebers, the Bible, A Thousand and One Nights, as well as in several ancient Sanskrit writings. минерални торове цени

Scientific name (Latin): Coriandrum sativum
Family: Apiaceae

Grow your own coriander or how to plant easy plant like this.
Are you going to grow your own coriander? Congratulations! Although coriander is an annual plant, it will provide you with a seed crop that will allow you to continue to grow your own coriander for years to come, provided it thrives and is cared for properly. The best thing about coriander is that you can basically use the whole plant, and nothing needs to be wasted.

Both leaves, top shoots, seeds and root can be used in cooking in one way or another, and it is fine to freeze large crops if you want longer shelf life. Fresh coriander can be stored for about a week in the refrigerator.

You can both pre-cultivate coriander indoors, and you can plant it directly in a planter or outdoors. If you want to create good conditions for a long growing season, it is recommended that you sow the coriander inside first. There are also different types of seeds, depending on whether you want a leaf crop or seed crop.

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How easy to plant mango seeds in pots

El mango It is a fruit tree native to India whose fruits are so delicious that today we can enjoy them even though we are on the other side of the pond. It is a plant that provides very good shade and does not require special care.

Its growth rate is so fast that it is very necessary to know what dimensions it will have if we want to plant a mango as this will avoid possible problems such as loss of plants. Follow our advice to plant a sample in your garden.
1 When to plant mangoes?
2 How is it planted?
When to plant mangoes?
Mango ограничител за трева доставка

The ideal planting time is in spring before it resumes its growth. In any case, it is important to know that this is a tree that does not withstand frost, so its cultivation outdoors is recommended only in warm climates with temperatures ranging between 35-38 ° C maximum and 10 ° C minimum.

After all, we only need to water it two to three times a week and fertilize it with organic fertilizer so that it produces a large amount of delicious fruits.
How is it planted?
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How correct to plant avocado seed in pot

The next time you eat an avocado or use it in a recipe, keep a drink. Growing your own avocado bush is fun and easy. It’s the perfect task for all ages – in the garden or indoors, and it’s also a great project either for class or at home! минерални торове

Sprouting in water
Seed preparation
Image titled Plant an Avocado Tree Step 1
Remove the seed. Carefully cut the avocado so as not to injure the stone in the center of the fruit. You can do this by cutting around the entire skin / fruit about an inch deep and then twisting both halves in opposite directions to open them. Carefully remove the seed and set it aside. (planting tomato seeds)

To avoid wasting fruit, use avocado pulp to create a tasty dip / icing known as guacamole.

Clean the stone. Gently wash the avocado seed and remove all pulp. Use warm water and your hands and avoid using soap. Be careful not to remove the seed husk, which is light brown, as this may destroy the seed and there is less chance of it growing.

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Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) – and its use in fragrant gardens 122

Labyrinth of bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) Bay leaf is a relatively well-known plant, which in our country is grown not only as an ornamental plant but also as a spice. The hosts use it to prepare many recipes in their kitchen, and gardening enthusiasts use its varietal seeds to grow it in their greenhouses from Israeli polyethylene for the greenhouse. бетонни паркинг елементи вибропресовани

The origin of the bay leaf is from the Mediterranean. Its dimensions are convenient for growing it in apartment conditions. It reaches a maximum height of 1 m, which allows it to be located in any corner of the apartment. Flowering is very pleasant, its duration is from May to July with relatively small yellow flowers.

The leaves of this species are oblong-lanceolate, slightly hard to the touch and slightly toothed on the periphery. It is demanding to the light. For its good development and the proper course of its physiological processes, the plant needs bright light. It also tolerates direct sunlight.

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Wax (Hoya bella) – what care should we take for it 121

The beautiful flowers of Hoya bella The wax is a very beautiful plant, the homeland of which is from Asia. More precisely, his homeland is India, where many tomato seeds and spices originate.

This species is very suitable for growing in apartment conditions due to its small size. Its size in our conditions reaches a height of about 30 cm and a width of about 45 cm. It is one of these plants suitable for indoor conditions.

In its natural habitat it can reach slightly larger sizes. The leaves are oblong-elliptic and are very slightly serrated on the periphery. The wax is very effective during flowering. It blooms for a relatively long period of time from May to August with beautiful white, not very attractive and large flowers. Used in landscaping and design of gardens and yards. семена на зеленчуци и домати

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The three most poisonous plants in the world 118

Abrus precatorius:
The seeds of this plant contain a lectin known as abrin. If you chew and swallow it, it causes death.

You can easily recognize its seeds by their bright red color and the only black dot.

This plant inactivates ribosomes in the body and is one of the strongest toxins on earth.

It causes fever, vomiting, swelling and fatal seizures, nausea, salivation and digestive dysfunction, kidney degeneration, retinal and bladder bleeding.

Flowers of Eupatorium rugosum Eupatorium rugosum:

Dandelion is one of the most dangerous plants for livestock тревни смески цена.

If cows consume the attractive white fluffy flowers and stems of dandelion, the toxin tremetol accumulates in their milk and bones.

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