How and when to transplant flowers and in what pot? 60

This is an event that is often overlooked in the decoration and landscaping of the yard and garden, because it is considered quite simple and easy, but in fact there are many rules that you need to follow when transplanting a plant to not compromise its growth.

Another mistake that is made is that transplanting is not done, but as in height our plants grow in width.

The root system develops in proportion to the aboveground part, which means that at one point the small pot is not enough to continue the optimal development of our plant. Usually garden flowers and flowers for the balcony need to be transplanted once every two to three years. минерални торове за растеж

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What is dry masonry and how to make it interesting? 19

Dry masonry means to build a wall without the use of a binder (cement, lime, etc.) (a good example of this is made of slm, tiarescott and ng yrizarry), which is one of its biggest advantages, because if you have in Near you river or stone quarry, the only thing that will cost you is to bring a few cubes of stones. Decorative retaining walls of drywall are preferred for landscaping, as the distance in the joints is used to fill with seeds of flowers herbs and even spices

Such walls can be seen everywhere in agricultural areas, and areas that are close to rivers and quarries. They are usually made of slab stones of different sizes, but they should not be too small because they become unstable.

Very often this type of walls are used in landscaping gardens, because professionals – gardeners in this area, from a boring stone wall, demonstrate the effective construction of a rock garden or rock flower corner, especially if you use a restrictive garden strip.

What is their secret? Dry masonry пластмасова ограничителна лента градинска

They simply pour good fertile soil for landscaping in the joints between the stones, also in places leaving larger joints (also filled with fertile soil, as in the photo with the child made by Yogi).

And in these places they plant special plants, called „rock gardens„, which are also used in the construction of rock gardens.

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Weeding of flowers in the maintenance of green areas and home gardens 14

When maintaining green areas, one of the important measures that is highly valued is to remove weeds. Weeding in gardens is one of the most common gardening services, which is important not only to achieve maximum decorative effect, but also to protect plants from harmful weeds that stop or hinder their development (as in the photos taken by Editor B and niiicedave).

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different types of weeds in size, shape, color, brand and price, devices that contribute to easier and faster removal of unwanted weeds. ограничител за трева пластмасов

It is recommended to start weeding as early as possible in the spring and to do it systematically throughout the season. It can be performed at any time of the day. plastic stopper for grass

Weeds in the garden Weeding is good to do together with loosening the soil, because it is more appropriate.

Undoubtedly, the best time for weeding is after rain or after abundant watering, because then the soil is moist and weeds are easily removed by roots, and after they are uprooted, they do not appear for much longer.

It is very important to remove weeds by roots or, if it is not possible, to cut them to the maximum depth in order to limit their development or spread as much as possible.

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What is mulching in the gardening in yards 11

Mulching in the garden is an activity that has become quite popular in recent years, although it has existed for decades. It has become an important part of a green space maintenance.

More and more companies for landscaping and landscape design and landscape architects working in this field use it in creating their works.

The main purpose of mulching is to stop the formation of soil crust (it is obtained by watering when watered regularly, which is required by plants, the soil substrate settles, compacts and the top is quite hard bark, which does not allow moisture and air to reach the roots of plants), mulch also limits evaporation from the soil surface, which is favorable for vegetation, and reduces the need for watering (hence the cost of watering). Mulch and specialized substrates can be purchased from an online garden store or from large specialized chains. красиви павета бетонови 20 10 6

Mulching also equalizes the diurnal fluctuations in soil temperature, another very important function is that it prevents the emergence of weeds, minimizing it. Last but not least, mulch enriches the soil with the much-needed nutrients for every plant.

Mulch (pine bark) Mulching itself has an aesthetic function, gives completeness to the compositions, so it is often used in landscaping of private yards and residences (as in the photos taken by chris.corwin and skvidal).

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Elegant drought-resistant turf (grass rolls) and delivery for all of Maryland

We present to your attention an extremely drought-resistant grass rolls composed of a special hybrid grass mixture (Bermuda grass), resistant to drought and dry terrain. The turf is very dense, with delicate beautiful leaves and a rich dark green color.

This turf is known for its resistance to growing in hot areas (withstands over 40 ° C) and has a low need for water – it requires up to 60% less watering than standard grass turf (about 45 liters / sq m of water per week).

It can be irrigated with biologically treated water (from treatment plants), you can even irrigate it with a mixture of 30% seawater. Another main advantage is that it withstands low mowing (1 – 2 cm in height) and can be mowed every 10 days.

This drought-resistant turf is extremely resistant to most grass diseases. In addition to drought resistance, this turf is resistant to intense stress.

The lawns are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer of grass lawns. In them, you will not find weeds, insects, and other pests. The soil is extremely fertile and free of stones and impurities. A special net is woven into the lawns, which makes them strong and easy to install.

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Delivery and installation grass rolls at a unique price

Online store „GardenBG“ offers its customers high-quality turf with delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria and installation (grassing) by professional gardeners at competitive prices.

You get:

Free consultation from a specialist in landscaping and grassing with many years of experience – Landscape Architect.
Preparation of the terrain for grassing with turf – removal of old grass (if any), tillage (digging), leveling the terrain, rolling.
Fertilization – Fertilization with high quality mineral fertilizers in order to 100% capture grass turf and fertilizer action up to 3 months.
Delivery of turf – Free delivery to all small and large settlements in Bulgaria for quantities from 50 to 28 000 sq.m
Grass turf – High quality grass turf with a perfect decorative effect (grass turf)
Installation (laying / grassing) – Laying the turf by specialists with many years of experience.
Consultation and written recommendations for lawn maintenance.

Grass turf grass is suitable for all types of gardens. The advantage of the so-called „ryegrass on a roll“ is undoubtedly the immediate effect of a ready-made grass carpet. You have a grass area ready for use in literally one week (the term for rooting the lawns).

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Luxury grass rolls „Varna“

Some online stores may offer to your attention the most frequently bought grass rolls in Bulgaria. This grass has extremely high decorative qualities and a luxurious appearance. The turf has an incredible density, high strength, bright green color all year round, and last but not least – an extremely reasonable price.

We offer delivery for the whole of Bulgaria in quantities from 50 sq.m to 28,000 sq.m – Varna, Dobrich, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, the whole Black Sea coast and others. large and small towns and villages, and when ordering large quantities you get additional discounts!

This is one of the grass turf, which is suitable for use in the coastal regions of Bulgaria, as well as in mountainous conditions. It is suitable for dry and warm places and withstands trampling.

The turf is grass together with roots and soil, cut into pieces and rolled into a roll, which you can easily „lay“ in your garden. The turf is highly valued by professional gardeners because of the special net used in its production. This net makes the lawns very strong and easy to apply even by non-professionals.

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