Weeding of flowers in the maintenance of green areas and home gardens 14

When maintaining green areas, one of the important measures that is highly valued is to remove weeds. Weeding in gardens is one of the most common gardening services, which is important not only to achieve maximum decorative effect, but also to protect plants from harmful weeds that stop or hinder their development (as in the photos taken by Editor B and niiicedave).

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different types of weeds in size, shape, color, brand and price, devices that contribute to easier and faster removal of unwanted weeds. ограничител за трева пластмасов

It is recommended to start weeding as early as possible in the spring and to do it systematically throughout the season. It can be performed at any time of the day. plastic stopper for grass

Weeds in the garden Weeding is good to do together with loosening the soil, because it is more appropriate.

Undoubtedly, the best time for weeding is after rain or after abundant watering, because then the soil is moist and weeds are easily removed by roots, and after they are uprooted, they do not appear for much longer.

It is very important to remove weeds by roots or, if it is not possible, to cut them to the maximum depth in order to limit their development or spread as much as possible.

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How to make a beautiful lawn? 3

The gardens and cottages is highly valued nowadays. But how to make a beautiful lawn in the garden and do it right?

If you want to make a beautiful lawn, you must first clean the area of ​​existing grass (if any), twigs, debris, logs and especially stones. Cleaning is a very important activity and should not be neglected.

The stones must be removed, because then, like the hair, you are likely to damage the mower. Then the soil is tilled or in other words you turn it with a straight shovel. If it is not very fertile, you can spread manure, necessarily burnt, but it is not preferable, because it contains a lot of weed seeds.

It is good to anticipate what your grass will be like, what it will be used for and how you will take care of it, so that you can choose from the different types of grass mixtures in Sofia and in Bulgaria.

If your soil is not very fertile, it is best to fertilize with ammonium nitrate (it is nitrogen fertilizer, and nitrogen is most important for the grass and its fresh appearance, the advantage is its good price).

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Requirements for the rock garden (rock corner) – 1

Rock flower corner (rockery) Used vegetation in the garden and yard for the construction of rock gardens and rock flower corners:

The most used and most suitable plant species are the low-growing, tuff-forming, perennial herbaceous species (these are grasses and grass mixtures that have a life of more than two years), as well as rhizome and small-bulb plants typical of the alpine mountain belt.

Also long-flowering annuals (as in the photo provided to us by unforth, for which we thank him) and biennials, coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs. семена на домати нови

The plants that bloom are selected so that the rock garden has a decorative flower decoration throughout the year (this is one of the biggest challenges even for long-term specialists in the field of landscaping).

Trees and shrubs are used to accent the rock formation.

Vegetation planting:

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