A Spiders are growing in size as a result of global warming 13

Global warming, even if kept within two degrees, will irreversibly change our lives. The effects, in most cases unwanted and harmful to us people will manifest in all sorts of ways. Today we will tell you about the changes that will occur with insects.

Danish scientists from the University of Aarhus conducted long-term research on the Greenlandic predatory spider species Pardosa glacialis. They found that as rising average annual temperatures caused global warming, spiders began to increase in size as their skeletons became denser and larger. пластмасов ограничител за трева

According to observations, for the ten-year data collection period, the average increase in size is within two percent. Such an increase is extremely rapid in terms of evolution. In the past, such an increase in size has also been observed, dictated by the same or similar temperature reasons, but this has been happening for hundreds or thousands of years.

If these growth rates are maintained, the average insect (or most of them) will increase in size outside Greenland and by 2050 will be on average 10% larger in size. The danger also comes from the fact that this increase will be average, that is, there will be many species that, according to Murphy’s laws, will increase in size many times over, while others, on the contrary, will decrease in size.

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