Fish for decorative water areas 10

In addition to beautiful water flowers and ornamental fish, they always bring life to the pond. They are interesting and charming while performing various life activities. Interestingly, scientists from the United States have found that 15 minutes a day contemplation of ornamental fish calms blood circulation and calms the nervous system.

Their role in changing the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the water is often exaggerated, but they are very useful because they reduce the population of mosquitoes and tadpoles by eating most of their larvae.

Another myth is that they affect the clarity of the water, but this is not very true. When choosing fish for your ornamental water area in the garden the most important factor is the size. If money is not a problem for you, you will probably turn to the beautiful Japanese fish „who“, which are quite modern in the construction of garden ponds in the design and landscaping of yards.

But you must know that they require an area of ​​at least 8 square meters and a depth of about 1.20 meters. Do your best and study the requirements of the fish you will use so as not to torture the animals and kill them. готини бетонови павета 20 10 6

It is important not only to have enough space, but also the right water temperature. Also good oxygen content in the water. Unlike the beautiful Japanese fish „who“, however, are ordinary goldfish and shubunkin, which are quite durable, adapt quickly and feel at home even in a garden pond „pocket size“, if it is not frozen for a very long time in winter .

It is good during this unfavorable season to think of a way to maintain a constant positive temperature in your pond (about 15 degrees) so that your pets do not suffer.

Another factor that is quite important is visibility. The multicolored „shubunkin“ and red moors look great in an aquarium, but in the small garden pond they are matte or even invisible. It is good to provide a pump with a filter that circulates the water constantly and purifies it, such pumps and filters are easily found in specialized garden centers, but if you do not deal with pumps and filters, follow the basic rule:

The main rule is to choose fish with bright colors – white, yellow, orange and red. Therefore, goldfish and active goldfish are preferable because they swim close to the surface.

You can buy fish in a catalog and get them in the mail or go to a kennel or garden center and pick them up from there yourself. Choose the most agile fish (this is one of the signs that the fish is healthy). Decorative fish for the exterior

A healthy fish has an upright dorsal fin, shining eyes, no missing scales and no signs of laziness.

Do not buy fish with faded spots along the body. The best time to buy is from late spring to early summer, when the water temperature in the pond is at least 10 degrees.

Buy medium-sized fish (8-13 cm), because the small ones suffer from various problems, and the big ones are expensive and very difficult to adapt to new conditions. Buy a few fish because the lone fish gets nervous.

Like any living thing, ornamental fish, no matter how capricious, require constant care. It is also good to choose the right food for your pets, although they can get quite a lot in the insect-friendly garden environment.

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