Fish for decorative water areas 10

In addition to beautiful water flowers and ornamental fish, they always bring life to the pond. They are interesting and charming while performing various life activities. Interestingly, scientists from the United States have found that 15 minutes a day contemplation of ornamental fish calms blood circulation and calms the nervous system.

Their role in changing the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the water is often exaggerated, but they are very useful because they reduce the population of mosquitoes and tadpoles by eating most of their larvae.

Another myth is that they affect the clarity of the water, but this is not very true. When choosing fish for your ornamental water area in the garden the most important factor is the size. If money is not a problem for you, you will probably turn to the beautiful Japanese fish „who“, which are quite modern in the construction of garden ponds in the design and landscaping of yards.

But you must know that they require an area of ​​at least 8 square meters and a depth of about 1.20 meters. Do your best and study the requirements of the fish you will use so as not to torture the animals and kill them. готини бетонови павета 20 10 6

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