How to do propagation of magnolias 9

Magnolia, Magnolia grandifolia, Magnolias are one of the most beautifully flowering exotics used for landscaping a garden in a house, villa, restaurant, cafe or for landscaping public green areas. There are two ways to propagate magnolias – vegetatively and by seed.

One of the ways of vegetative propagation is through the so-called cuttings. These cuttings are taken from the „mother“ plant and placed in suitable conditions for rooting, namely greenhouse conditions.

In these conditions there is a suitable temperature and humidity of both the air and the substrate. Another way of rooting is by leading a low-lying branch, as it bends to the ground and is covered with a light soil mixture (a mixture of garden soil, peat and sand).

The branch is not separated from the tree and is constantly watered. After rooting, it is cut and moved to a new place in the garden for further development.

Another way of vegetative propagation that gives good results is transplanting. Wild types of magnolias produced from seeds are used for this purpose.

A bud or a branch of a varietal magnolia is transplanted on the well-formed stem. After good care and tissue adhesion, the graft grows and over time forms a well-formed crown.

All shoots that appear under Magnolia large-flowered, Magnolia grandifolia graft, must be removed in a timely manner. This activity is done to increase the decorative effect and the crown to be straight and correct.

Seed propagation is a very easy and productive method to perform, but is only used to produce wild species.

Also, in the case of hybrids and varieties, the characteristics of the species are not fully preserved, ie the species does not retain all its hereditary characteristics and begins to differ from the parental forms.

The new plants resemble their wild predecessors, bloom less and with paler and smaller flowers. Flowering begins after the plants are at least 8 years old. Magnolia grandifolia

Most magnolias are not large trees and shrubs (full-length photo of a tree taken by d-bsabarnowl).

They are ideal for landscaping small yards, but can also be used for larger sites.

They can be used in groups with coniferous and deciduous species.

There they act as a leading or secondary element. They can be used in rock corners, rock gardens or in front of building facades.

Magnolias are ideal for planting in a green lawn as tapeworms because they have extremely good and spectacular flowering.

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