What is mulching in the gardening in yards 11

Mulching in the garden is an activity that has become quite popular in recent years, although it has existed for decades. It has become an important part of a green space maintenance.

More and more companies for landscaping and landscape design and landscape architects working in this field use it in creating their works.

The main purpose of mulching is to stop the formation of soil crust (it is obtained by watering when watered regularly, which is required by plants, the soil substrate settles, compacts and the top is quite hard bark, which does not allow moisture and air to reach the roots of plants), mulch also limits evaporation from the soil surface, which is favorable for vegetation, and reduces the need for watering (hence the cost of watering). Mulch and specialized substrates can be purchased from an online garden store or from large specialized chains. красиви павета бетонови 20 10 6

Mulching also equalizes the diurnal fluctuations in soil temperature, another very important function is that it prevents the emergence of weeds, minimizing it. Last but not least, mulch enriches the soil with the much-needed nutrients for every plant.

Mulch (pine bark) Mulching itself has an aesthetic function, gives completeness to the compositions, so it is often used in landscaping of private yards and residences (as in the photos taken by chris.corwin and skvidal).

Different materials are used for mulch – burnt manure, peat, crushed straw, compost, sawdust, and the most modern are the bark, due to the exceptional decorative effect that they transmit to a plant composition (we give an example with a close-up photo of Mike Schmid).

Mulching paper and perforated polyethylene tapes are also used, but they have no such decorative value. The mulching itself is done by pouring mulching material around the vegetation, immediately after planting. It is usually poured a layer about 5 cm thick (as in the photo of chris.corwin).

Mulching of old perennials (perennials means perennials with a lifespan of more than two years) is done in early spring, but necessarily after weeding.

They mainly use burnt manure or peat compost (a special mixture that can be found in specialized garden centers), so that along with mulching to nourish the soil. Mulched vegetation

Autumn mulching serves to protect the vegetation from winter frosts, which is quite crucial for young, not yet strengthened trees and shrubs. When there is high groundwater, no mulching is done.

After the winter, when the soil is loosened, mulch mixes with it and thus enriches it. In most cases, it rots in 2 to 3 years, so it is advisable to renew (add more) every spring.

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