Ways to prune plants in the garden 59

How to properly prune the plants in our garden? This is an event that is quite important for garden design and yard design, but it is also important to know how to do it optimally well for the plant. Different prunings allow the plants to be arranged with different garden furniture.

Regular pruning is quite important for the optimal development of our plant, to stimulate its branching and further development. In addition to trees and shrubs in green areas, there are other plants that need specialized pruning – these are our beautiful garden flowers. редене на пластмасови паркинг елементи

For example, if you cut the shoot of a plant (this is the branch that has grown this year, summer – grown, grown in summer) above the bud, from this bud will appear two new shoots (two new branches). This type of pruning stimulates the growth of the plant, favors flowering and fruiting. Cutting can be done with different tools. One of them is pruning shears. They can also be used for cutting when laying plastic parking elements.

The question is when to do the pruning, it depends mostly on the plant, its specific growth and habit.

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What is dry masonry and how to make it interesting? 19

Dry masonry means to build a wall without the use of a binder (cement, lime, etc.) (a good example of this is made of slm, tiarescott and ng yrizarry), which is one of its biggest advantages, because if you have in Near you river or stone quarry, the only thing that will cost you is to bring a few cubes of stones. Decorative retaining walls of drywall are preferred for landscaping, as the distance in the joints is used to fill with seeds of flowers herbs and even spices

Such walls can be seen everywhere in agricultural areas, and areas that are close to rivers and quarries. They are usually made of slab stones of different sizes, but they should not be too small because they become unstable.

Very often this type of walls are used in landscaping gardens, because professionals – gardeners in this area, from a boring stone wall, demonstrate the effective construction of a rock garden or rock flower corner, especially if you use a restrictive garden strip.

What is their secret? Dry masonry пластмасова ограничителна лента градинска

They simply pour good fertile soil for landscaping in the joints between the stones, also in places leaving larger joints (also filled with fertile soil, as in the photo with the child made by Yogi).

And in these places they plant special plants, called „rock gardens„, which are also used in the construction of rock gardens.

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Fish for decorative water areas 10

In addition to beautiful water flowers and ornamental fish, they always bring life to the pond. They are interesting and charming while performing various life activities. Interestingly, scientists from the United States have found that 15 minutes a day contemplation of ornamental fish calms blood circulation and calms the nervous system.

Their role in changing the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the water is often exaggerated, but they are very useful because they reduce the population of mosquitoes and tadpoles by eating most of their larvae.

Another myth is that they affect the clarity of the water, but this is not very true. When choosing fish for your ornamental water area in the garden the most important factor is the size. If money is not a problem for you, you will probably turn to the beautiful Japanese fish „who“, which are quite modern in the construction of garden ponds in the design and landscaping of yards.

But you must know that they require an area of ​​at least 8 square meters and a depth of about 1.20 meters. Do your best and study the requirements of the fish you will use so as not to torture the animals and kill them. готини бетонови павета 20 10 6

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