Work overalls with company inscriptions or logos such as prints and embroidery

The online stores is pleased to present you an exclusive work overall, which is perfect for adding company inscriptions through printing or embroidery. The summer jumpsuit is also at a great price! It is made of 100% quality cotton with a density of 240 g / m2. The fabric is perfectly suitable even for people with more sensitive skin. Cotton is resistant to moisture, works well on the skin in summer and retains heat from the body well in autumn.

Work clothes would be a great addition to your personal wardrobe so that they are always available when you have to do specific work at home.

The jumpsuit with or without advertising inscriptions from embroidery and stamping is also ideal for professionals who care about quality and who want to always be dressed in appropriate work clothes with which to carry out their activities without any worries. For most activities it is necessary to have a special team to protect against dirt and minor injuries without losing comfort during important professional activities.

This item offers just that, comfort and security in a single product – overalls with or was advertising inscriptions. Mentioning safety, it is guaranteed by the presence of the European certificate EN 340, which sets out the minimum requirements that must be met by a workwear.

The summer jumpsuit can be viewed in detail by clicking on the photo above. The item has the ability to place advertising inscriptions through quality printing or embroidery on the company logo, personal motto, funny inscription or favorite detail. In this way, the company receives additional branding of the brand, and in personal satisfaction and more personal contact with clothing during work.

The cut of the inscription jumpsuit follows the standard line of clothes of this type. There are two side pockets with a standard volume, suitable especially for the hands. There is another pocket located on the chest plate, which has a zipper. It is not suitable for many tools, but it will keep your smartphone and keys in a safe place.

The model has a comfortable front board, which also serves as protection, in addition to placing the pocket. At the end of the board there are straps that adjust to the comfort of the person wearing the garment. The model as a whole is clean and does not have attractive details, thus it is possible to add many different advertising signs, slogans, company logos of different sizes and even phones, contact emails, Internet addresses and more. This is done by perforating the specific details (embroidery) or by a special durable stamp.

The jumpsuit is available in dark green, which is complemented by wide yellow lines above each pocket. The combination is great, as the choice of yellow color adds a fresh touch to the look of the model.

Workwear can be used for a range of activities, including carrying goods, in metallurgy, in the personal garden or by professional gardeners and landscape designers, by hygienists or general workers, painters, movers, hotel maintenance workers and hotel complexes, workers in restaurants, family hotels, guest houses, made according to a European project, etc.
In addition, this overall with inscriptions or without inscriptions can be purchased in a special economical set – work overalls with a work jacket at a great price.
Currently not available!

Color: Fresh green with yellow accents
Fabric: It is made of 100% cotton 240 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 670 g.

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