Working overalls Haskovo and for all of Bulgaria with shorts 4 in 1

The online store offers you a unique summer overall for Haskovo and the possibility of delivery throughout Bulgaria at a good price. The overalls are a unique combination of work trousers, semi-overalls, overalls with shorts and only shorts for work. It stands out with a unique and practical design that will bring you at least four application options.

At first glance, the jumpsuit with shorts looks almost like any other. The exception it makes is the lack of a board in front of the chest, as most jumpsuits have. This model has been replaced by suspenders. The straps, as in all other similar models, are adjustable. The lower part of the item is a classic work trouser, which fastens like the standard ones. There are elastics on both sides of the waist, which further fit the model in this area and follow the physical dimensions of the person wearing it. In fact, the manufacturers have provided stable waist elastics, in case you do not want to use straps and prefer to work without them.

The large pockets and the simple light brown color follow the design principles of the manufacturer. The brown is complemented by black boards on the pockets and at the bottom of the legs, just below the knees. Zippers are located in this area, which allow the transformation of the model into shorts.

Once the lower part of the legs is removed, it is not known that the pants in the original design are long! The convenience is there. The jumpsuit fits perfectly as a practical work garment for 12 months of the year.

The material from which the article is made is strong 100% cotton fabric with a density of 185 g / m2. Ideal for use in both summer and autumn. This is because cotton leaves the skin to breathe in the summer and warms it during the cooler autumn days.

In addition to the mentioned qualities, the model also has the obligatory European certificate EN 340 for workwear, thanks to which you can be sure that the model you choose has all the basic characteristics that a workwear should have.

Undoubtedly, the practical model would be ideal for all Haskovo gardeners, professional gardeners, hygienists, general workers, fitters, for professions that are practiced at heights. There is nothing to prevent it from being used for personal needs, such as working in the garage, on the ranch or in the garden of the villa. The overalls are highly valued by agricultural producers in Haskovo, Lyubimets, Plovdiv. It is often ordered by a number of Haskovo people engaged in agriculture and vegetable production under European programs.
If you are interested, there is a possibility for additional placement of screen printing, company printing or embroidery on a company motto or distinctive logo.
GardenShop.Pro store offers many options for delivery of this model in the city of Haskovo, Burgas, Varna, Sofia, Ruse and many others. small and large settlements in the country.
Currently not available!
{tab = Technical specifications}
Color: The overalls for Haskovo and the whole of Bulgaria can be ordered in beige with black details.
Fabric: Made of 100% cotton 185 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 670 g.
Model size from the photo: 52
Leg length: 85 cm.
Attention! Suitable for people with a belly circumference (at the height of the navel): about 104 cm.
This model of overalls is also available in the following sizes:
48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;
** All sizes have a leg length of 85 cm.
{tab = What size should I order?}
How to order the right size work clothes?
1. Use the table to see which size is best for you.
2. Measure the circumference of your abdomen in a relaxed state at the height of the navel.
3. Measure the length of the trouser leg of your suitable clothes (the measurement is made from the crotch to the end of the trouser leg at the seam).
overalls – cm Suitable for people
with a circumference of the abdomen
(at the level of the navel) – cm Length
on the trouser leg – see
48 About 96 85
50 About 100 85
52 About 104 85
54 About 108 85
56 About 112 85
58 About 116 85
60 About 120 85
62 About 124 85
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;

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