Quality work jacket with the possibility of advertising company inscriptions

GardenShop.Pro online store added to its catalog of quality workwear – work jacket with the ability to add company advertising inscriptions, suitable for both professional work and personal use. The online store for work clothes guarantees the quality of every product it offers, and the outerwear described here is no exception to this rule.

The model has a sporty cut and a modern look, which will undoubtedly be in your favor, no matter for what purpose it will be used – for work or leisure. The design of the work jacket is at a level that makes it a useful multifunctional outerwear. You will feel comfortable wearing it after the first few hours. This is one of the most important conditions when using any garment, comfort during rest and a comfortable fit for a more efficient work process.

Mentioning one of the characteristics of the company’s work jacket, namely that it is multifunctional, we can not fail to note that the small details in the outerwear are designed to perfection to meet all the requirements expected of such a model.

For example, there are several pockets, large enough to be called practical, and last but not least, each of them has a suitable fastening so that the things you carry with you are in a safe place. In addition to their functional design, they are further enhanced with a DuPont fabric called CORDURA. This makes them more resistant to regular use.

Another important detail in the model is the 3M reflective tape, which is located on the chest and back and which performs an ideal function in terms of personal security. This is especially important for employees of companies engaged in night repairs, work at airports, waste disposal activities at night.
Thoughtful details do not stop there. Here are the rest of them. The jacket has side openings, which are used for ventilation and which can be closed with zippers. The sleeves of the model end with an internally sewn elastic cuff, for even more comfort during wearing. As for the fastening, it has a zipper and tic-tac buttons.

The material used for sewing the model is a combination of cotton and polyester, 280 g / m2. Strong enough and well tolerated by the skin. Ideal combination for most weather conditions, including rain, variable temperatures or low temperatures. All standards related to workwear are in place. The model is EN 13688 certified.

The work jacket can be used for a number of activities that require the use of a specific type of clothing, such as gardening, general work, work at heights and any activity carried out outside.

If you are professionally interested or you are a representative of a company, consider the possibility of placing a screen printing on a company logo. The model is highly valued by all companies due to the lack of inscriptions. In this way, an advertising inscription, slogan, logo, etc. can be easily placed. company details to brand the jacket to your liking. This can be done through a special print that is resistant to repeated washing or through embroidery.
Currently not available!

Color: Stylish combination of light and dark blue.
Fabric: It is made of a combination of cotton and polyester 280 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1400 g.

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