Work overalls with company inscriptions or logos such as prints and embroidery

The online stores is pleased to present you an exclusive work overall, which is perfect for adding company inscriptions through printing or embroidery. The summer jumpsuit is also at a great price! It is made of 100% quality cotton with a density of 240 g / m2. The fabric is perfectly suitable even for people with more sensitive skin. Cotton is resistant to moisture, works well on the skin in summer and retains heat from the body well in autumn.

Work clothes would be a great addition to your personal wardrobe so that they are always available when you have to do specific work at home.

The jumpsuit with or without advertising inscriptions from embroidery and stamping is also ideal for professionals who care about quality and who want to always be dressed in appropriate work clothes with which to carry out their activities without any worries. For most activities it is necessary to have a special team to protect against dirt and minor injuries without losing comfort during important professional activities.

This item offers just that, comfort and security in a single product – overalls with or was advertising inscriptions. Mentioning safety, it is guaranteed by the presence of the European certificate EN 340, which sets out the minimum requirements that must be met by a workwear.

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Working overalls Haskovo and for all of Bulgaria with shorts 4 in 1

The online store offers you a unique summer overall for Haskovo and the possibility of delivery throughout Bulgaria at a good price. The overalls are a unique combination of work trousers, semi-overalls, overalls with shorts and only shorts for work. It stands out with a unique and practical design that will bring you at least four application options.

At first glance, the jumpsuit with shorts looks almost like any other. The exception it makes is the lack of a board in front of the chest, as most jumpsuits have. This model has been replaced by suspenders. The straps, as in all other similar models, are adjustable. The lower part of the item is a classic work trouser, which fastens like the standard ones. There are elastics on both sides of the waist, which further fit the model in this area and follow the physical dimensions of the person wearing it. In fact, the manufacturers have provided stable waist elastics, in case you do not want to use straps and prefer to work without them.

The large pockets and the simple light brown color follow the design principles of the manufacturer. The brown is complemented by black boards on the pockets and at the bottom of the legs, just below the knees. Zippers are located in this area, which allow the transformation of the model into shorts.

Once the lower part of the legs is removed, it is not known that the pants in the original design are long! The convenience is there. The jumpsuit fits perfectly as a practical work garment for 12 months of the year.

The material from which the article is made is strong 100% cotton fabric with a density of 185 g / m2. Ideal for use in both summer and autumn. This is because cotton leaves the skin to breathe in the summer and warms it during the cooler autumn days.

In addition to the mentioned qualities, the model also has the obligatory European certificate EN 340 for workwear, thanks to which you can be sure that the model you choose has all the basic characteristics that a workwear should have.

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High quality company work overalls

Summer company work overalls at a great price only in the online store

This model of quality workwear is from the production series, from which you can complete your wardrobe and have work clothes suitable for every season of the year. The product series, apart from the overalls, consists of a work company jacket and trousers. The result is an ideal set that will serve you for a long time without being dependent on the weather outside.

The company overalls that offers you feature voluminous pockets in which you can fit what you need to take with you during the work process. The jumpsuit is available in navy blue, which is the main color and two additional colors. One is black, attached to the outside of the pockets and to the front of the legs. The second additional color, light gray, is used more sparingly – only on the underside of three of the pockets.

The semi-overall for companies brings with it the obligatory European certificate EN 340, which guarantees that the product meets the basic specifics that a workwear must have. Without such a certificate, overalls cannot be designed for work. In this case, the mentioned certificate allows this type of work clothes to be used for basic activities that do not carry large or specific mechanical and chemical risks, such as gardening, general work, work at heights, for painters, construction workers, air conditioning installers, etc. .

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Comfortable work overalls for workers

The new offer from is a comfortable overalls for workers from the workwear series.

For the production of the article a fabric is used, which contains a gentle combination of polyester and cotton, with a density of 195 g / m2. The advantage of this combination is the stability and stability that is present, regardless of the frequency of washing, and the type of physical activity performed with it.

The overalls for workers offered here can be supplemented with more items that are part of the same product series. The products include a work jacket at a good price, pants and overalls – the perfect combination that would do the job of any professional in their field. The manufacturer knows what each customer needs, but most importantly, he knows exactly how to make the product to meet even the highest expectations.

The quality of the offered overalls for workers is present, as it has a European certificate, which sets out the minimum requirements that must be met by a workwear, namely EN 340.

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Quality work overalls with large volume pockets

The GardenShop.Pro online store offers a classic jumpsuit with large volume pockets in an elegant light gray color. The model is part of a line of overalls for work, which is characterized by clean lines, classic look and really comfortable large pockets. This is one of the most popular product series, due to its successful application in a number of activities for which the use of work clothes is mandatory or recommended.

Apart from the manufacturer, the quality of the overalls is also guaranteed by the European certificate EN 340, with which the product is certified. Possession of such a certificate means that the product meets the mandatory minimum characteristics that must be present in any workwear. If a work garment does not have specific certificates related to its use, it cannot be called „work“ and therefore cannot guarantee your safety.

Note that there are certificates for activities that require different levels of protection. In this case, with the overalls with large pockets, work activities can be performed that require a basic level of protection. Тротоарни плочки Смолян

The design of the jumpsuit includes adjustable straps, which can individually determine their length and several deep pockets in which to keep the basic tools you need at different times. There are a total of seven pockets, two classic on the pants, one on each of the two legs, two in the upper part (on the chest) and one small but very comfortable back pocket. The pocket in the upper part has a zipper, and a pocket for smartphone or mobile phones, compartments for pen, pencil, laser, etc. are sewn to it.

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Reinforced work jumpsuit with many pockets for climbers

The Garden Shop online store offers quality workwear of the type of work overalls with many pockets, which is highly valued by all climbers.

The item is characterized by a fabric that in certain places has triple-reinforced seams. These are the most motion-sensitive areas, which in constant work in a certain position wear out in a shorter time and break faster. With reinforced seams, worries about this type of workwear problem are completely unnecessary.

This way you can be sure that investing in a jumpsuit with many pockets guarantees you long-term use combined with maximum security.

The cut of the overalls for climbers follows the classic line typical for this type of clothing. The advantages, in this case, are the attractive vision and small details that make the model even more practical. The look we mentioned is characterized by a style and radiance that are not typical of workwear. Тротоарни плочки Пазарджик

The black color in combination with a light board in the lower half of the legs and white seams add a touch of designer look to the outfit. Only the overall design typical of this type of item implies that it is a product created for work.

As for the small details that we mentioned, we are talking about pockets that are more than standard in such overalls. They have more departments that make clothing suitable for professions that require the use of a large number of fine tools – climbers, specialists in cutting dangerous trees, hygienists, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and more.

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Quality and comfortable cotton jumpsuit made at a reasonable price

The online store offers you a cotton summer work jumpsuit made of 100% cotton in dark blue color. Choosing this overall you choose quality workmanship at an exceptional level. Proof of this is the official standard to which the model meets, namely EN 340.

EN 340 is a recognized standard that every workwear must meet. A product certified in this way is a guarantee of quality, as well as the presence of characteristics mandatory for the respective type of product.

The cotton jumpsuit is suitable for any activities that require protection of the body. For example, for professional gardeners, car mechanics, hygienists, plumbers, electricians, gas station workers, gas station workers and professions in general that require the body to be isolated in some way. It will be useful even for work in the garden of your parents, grandmother or the villa.

София тротоарни плочки The jumpsuit is made of quality 100% cotton 240 g / sq.m in blue color. It has a reflective edging, which would be useful for activities that are carried out in dangerous places, at night or other adverse weather conditions. The cut of the model is comfortable and suitable even for hot summer days, when you have to use such a protective device.

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