High quality company work overalls

Summer company work overalls at a great price only in the online store GardenShop.pro.

This model of quality workwear is from the production series, from which you can complete your wardrobe and have work clothes suitable for every season of the year. The product series, apart from the overalls, consists of a work company jacket and trousers. The result is an ideal set that will serve you for a long time without being dependent on the weather outside.

The company overalls that Gardenshop.pro offers you feature voluminous pockets in which you can fit what you need to take with you during the work process. The jumpsuit is available in navy blue, which is the main color and two additional colors. One is black, attached to the outside of the pockets and to the front of the legs. The second additional color, light gray, is used more sparingly – only on the underside of three of the pockets.

The semi-overall for companies brings with it the obligatory European certificate EN 340, which guarantees that the product meets the basic specifics that a workwear must have. Without such a certificate, overalls cannot be designed for work. In this case, the mentioned certificate allows this type of work clothes to be used for basic activities that do not carry large or specific mechanical and chemical risks, such as gardening, general work, work at heights, for painters, construction workers, air conditioning installers, etc. .

The cut of the company’s jumpsuit is standard for this type of clothing. The upper part is open and the fastening is done with straps that can be adjusted according to your own comfort. The legs are free so as not to interfere in any way with the activity. In the waist area, there are buttons on both sides that can be used for additional fastening. The huge pockets we mentioned above are definitely a useful extra for people who need them. There are four in total.

Two on the pants, one on one of the legs and one on the chest. All have additional compartments, thanks to which the pockets increase by four more.
The material used for the production of overalls for company purposes is a time-proven combination of cotton and polyester with a density of 270 g / m2.

This fabric is resistant to abrasion and tearing during various operations.
For company orders, keep in mind that the item is subject to screen printing and embroidery of company logo, text or, if desired, something else. This is an ideal way to brand a name or rely on a sense of belonging to a particular brand.

GardenShop.Pro store offers high quality embroidery and special prints that are not erased or damaged by repeated washing.
For larger orders for a company work jumpsuit, ask our consultants to prepare a special offer with good discounts from the standard price.
Currently not available!

Color: The company’s jumpsuit is offered in an elegant blue color,
Fabric: Special fabric for work clothes, which is made of cotton, which is reinforced with polyester 270 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 670 g.
Model size from the photo: 52
Leg length: 85 cm.
Attention! Suitable for people with a belly circumference (at the height of the navel): about 104 cm.
This model of overalls is also available in the following sizes:
46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;
** All sizes have a leg length of 85 cm.
{tab = What size should I order?}
How to order the right size work clothes?
1. Use the table to see which size is best for you.
2. Measure the circumference of your abdomen in a relaxed state at the height of the navel.
3. Measure the length of the trouser leg of your suitable clothes (the measurement is made from the crotch to the end of the trouser leg at the seam).
overalls – cm Suitable for people
with a circumference of the abdomen
(at the level of the navel) – cm Length
on the trouser leg – see
46 About 92 85
48 About 96 85
50 About 100 85
52 About 104 85
54 About 108 85
56 About 112 85
58 About 116 85
60 About 120 85
62 About 124 85
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;

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