High quality company work overalls

Summer company work overalls at a great price only in the online store GardenShop.pro.

This model of quality workwear is from the production series, from which you can complete your wardrobe and have work clothes suitable for every season of the year. The product series, apart from the overalls, consists of a work company jacket and trousers. The result is an ideal set that will serve you for a long time without being dependent on the weather outside.

The company overalls that Gardenshop.pro offers you feature voluminous pockets in which you can fit what you need to take with you during the work process. The jumpsuit is available in navy blue, which is the main color and two additional colors. One is black, attached to the outside of the pockets and to the front of the legs. The second additional color, light gray, is used more sparingly – only on the underside of three of the pockets.

The semi-overall for companies brings with it the obligatory European certificate EN 340, which guarantees that the product meets the basic specifics that a workwear must have. Without such a certificate, overalls cannot be designed for work. In this case, the mentioned certificate allows this type of work clothes to be used for basic activities that do not carry large or specific mechanical and chemical risks, such as gardening, general work, work at heights, for painters, construction workers, air conditioning installers, etc. .

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