Comfortable work overalls for workers

The new offer from is a comfortable overalls for workers from the workwear series.

For the production of the article a fabric is used, which contains a gentle combination of polyester and cotton, with a density of 195 g / m2. The advantage of this combination is the stability and stability that is present, regardless of the frequency of washing, and the type of physical activity performed with it.

The overalls for workers offered here can be supplemented with more items that are part of the same product series. The products include a work jacket at a good price, pants and overalls – the perfect combination that would do the job of any professional in their field. The manufacturer knows what each customer needs, but most importantly, he knows exactly how to make the product to meet even the highest expectations.

The quality of the offered overalls for workers is present, as it has a European certificate, which sets out the minimum requirements that must be met by a workwear, namely EN 340.

In terms of appearance, the model shines with some unique fashion whims of the designers – it is a combination of colors and boards, and in every other respect, the jumpsuit follows the classic cut for this type of workwear. The combination of a basic gray color with black boards and a red back give a unique touch to the series, emphasizing even more the perfectly tailored model.

From a practical point of view, the overalls for every worker are no different from any such workwear. The model is a summer version, respectively, the upper part is open and has straps that can be adjusted according to individual comfort. Wide and comfortable, the model has several large pockets that can be used for tools. One on the chest, two on the pants and one on one leg. All pockets have more compartments for greater convenience during the work process.

The overalls for workers can be used by professionals in various fields, such as gardening, tinsmiths, car mechanics, professions related to work at heights, professions related to road infrastructure, welders, general workers and others. Not to neglect the benefits of such clothing for the home or villa. We know how often something has to be moved, dug up or the thousands of other activities that can be done in the presence of a yard or a private garage.
For professional use, embroidery or screen printing of the company logo is possible. store offers reasonable prices and discounts when ordering larger quantities.
Currently not available!

Color: Gray with interesting red accents.

Fabric: Special fabric for work clothes – a combination of cotton and polyester 195 g / sq.m

Product weight: 670 g.
Leg length: 85 cm.

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