Quality plastic pots with irrigation system in purple and white

This is an incredible offer of an extremely effective plastic pot with an irrigation system. The pot has a purple color at an incredible price. The pots are characterized by a slight elegant narrowing from the top to the base and a stylish gloss.

The advantages of plastic pots with irrigation systems are indisputable – easy to grow plants due to the irrigation system, they are cheap, light and convenient to use, suitable for home conditions. Every florist appreciates them for growing wholesale and small plants in the interior. Ceramic pots of this size are significantly more expensive and much heavier.

The advantage of pots with irrigation systems in purple and white is that through them your plants will always be optimally watered, without having to monitor them daily.

In the set, you get one pot and one irrigation system. Special discounts for regular customers of the online store „Garden“ and for traders when buying plastic pots wholesale in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria.

These are some of the most widely used pots for growing different types of flowers and ornamental plants. In these pots, gardeners often grow cascading petunias on the balcony or terrace, verbena, cascading geranium, and sakuzche.

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Orange pot for orchid ф12,50 H 14,70 cm

Made of durable plastic, the Orange Orchid pot is valued by gardeners who are fond of growing orchids. A garden is also preferred by people who like non-standard thinking and growing flowers in transparent plastic pots.

Pot Orange Orchid is in fresh orange color.

The shape of the pot is conical, tapering to the bottom. This non-standard plastic pot for orchids is suitable for gardening and for planting different types of garden and indoor flowers – begonia, afelandra, guzmania, gardenia. In it you can grow various useful plants – small vegetables and spices, aromatic herbs.

The interesting cone-shaped pot is ideal for planting decorative flowers, indoor plants, spices, and more. It can grow cascading petunias, seeds of tagetes, calendula, amaryllis, brovalia, bouvardia and other flowering ornamental plants suitable for indoor cultivation.

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Soil for cacti – specialized substrate 5 liters

This is our proposal for a specialized soil substrate for growing and transplanting cacti. This compost is made in Germany and is extremely affordable.

The soil for cacti is known throughout Europe, cactus lovers and collectors use it very much for planting and transplanting cacti and succulents. Cacti soil is extremely popular and is valued in France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

The characteristic of the soil substrate for cacti is the balanced content of highly fertile white peat, pumice, sand, clay, and special additives for cactus plants.

The soil is dewormed and does not contain insect larvae, flies, fungal spores, and other pests.

The soil has good hygroscopicity and a physicomechanical structure suitable for cacti. This allows the excess water to drain away and prevents the soil from becoming swampy and the cactus roots from rotting.

The soil for cacti is excellent for growing potted cacti, as well as for transplanting cacti into new ceramic pots or plastic ones. The characteristic of the soil is that it is close in composition to the natural soil in which cacti grow.

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Pot in color ceramics for homes and offices – Ceramic Lori F25,5 / H24

Lori is a beautiful pot imitating ceramic, which is made of high quality plastic with UV stabilization. This means that the pot is resistant to sunlight. Its colors are preserved for many years when used outdoors, and the plastic can withstand temperatures from +55 to – 45 degrees. In practice, this makes it an ideal pot, imitating ceramics for your yard or balcony, and for what not for the home.

Lori is a pot suitable for growing small and large ornamental species. There is no drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. This is Lori’s main advantage over other pots. By placing a pot in it, you will be sure that there will be no water leakage when watering.

However, if you want to use the pot as a pot, you can buy an additional saucer for it of the same material and color. The bottom of the Ceramic Lori can be drilled with suitable tools.

Kali is a pot suitable for decorating large bookcases, around stands, and various wooden, plastic, metal and chipboard furniture. This garden dish is a great gift for your relatives and friends who love natural materials, but want to use lighter pots.

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Great pot for garden and yard – Lori made of UV stabilized strong plastic Ф25,5 / H24

Lori is a dark gray pot made of highly durable plastic in an elegant shape. The pot is in stylish dark graphite color and imitates extremely well clay and ceramic pots with the difference that it is many times lighter and more practical than them. The plastic has a special UV stabilization, which makes the pot very resistant to harmful sun rays. The colors do not fade and the plastic does not burn. The pot can withstand temperatures from -45 to + 55 degrees Celsius.

The Lori pot has no holes in the bottom, but if you want to use it as a pot, you can drill holes and order online from the GardenShop.pro store a special saucer in the same color and the same material.

Lori is a plastic pot for the yard and garden, suitable for decoration in landscaping balconies, terraces, verandas, sheds, and more. open or semi-indoor terrains. It can be used when arranging rock corners and rock gardens. Especially suitable for decorating conservatories, stairs, and sills.

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Support for Orchids and potted flowers and vegetables – Red Lori

The red Lori is support for orchids and climbing and climbing flowers. It is made of durable plastic and has slight flexibility.

The red support Lori has „ears“ with which to catch the flowering stem of the orchids. You can order it in two versions – mascara or leaf.

Red Lori is a commonly used plastic support in the cultivation of orchids, potted climbing, and climbing plants. It is often used as construction to support different types of flowers for the interior and exterior.

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Support for orchids and flowers – Green Lori

Green Lori is support for orchids and flowers. It is made of hard plastic with light plasticity. The characteristic of the support is its height – 60 cm and comfortable hooks for which you can fix the peduncle of orchids or the stem of climbing plants.

There are two options with a decorative leaf element or a spiral decorative element.

Green Lori is plastic support that is used in the cultivation of vines, various types of climbing and climbing plants, to strengthen flowering orchids. It can be applied to pots, flower pots, vases, as well as in the garden, in the flower bed, even in arrangements with stone (rock gardens).

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