Orange pot for orchid ф12,50 H 14,70 cm

Made of durable plastic, the Orange Orchid pot is valued by gardeners who are fond of growing orchids. A garden is also preferred by people who like non-standard thinking and growing flowers in transparent plastic pots.

Pot Orange Orchid is in fresh orange color.

The shape of the pot is conical, tapering to the bottom. This non-standard plastic pot for orchids is suitable for gardening and for planting different types of garden and indoor flowers – begonia, afelandra, guzmania, gardenia. In it you can grow various useful plants – small vegetables and spices, aromatic herbs.

The interesting cone-shaped pot is ideal for planting decorative flowers, indoor plants, spices, and more. It can grow cascading petunias, seeds of tagetes, calendula, amaryllis, brovalia, bouvardia and other flowering ornamental plants suitable for indoor cultivation.

In a pot Orange Orchid, you can grow cacti, Asplenium, alocasia, white anthurium, dracaena, you can sow the seeds of ornamental plants. This model of orange pots is preferred for decoration of offices, spas, massage studios, hotels, motels, indoor gardens – winter garden.

Pot Orange Orchid is a perfect choice when arranging dried flowers and ikebana. With this garden dish, you can bring a bright accent to any kitchen, living room, and dining room, studio, doctor’s office, massage studio, hairdresser, and more.

The pot is suitable for the interior design of halls, lobbies, but is also preferred by professional gardeners for landscaping balconies, conservatories, and more.

Bonsai should not be grown in this pot.

Color: The main color of the pot Orange Orchid is orange.

Hole size: The pot has a round hole, which has a diameter of 12.50 cm (f 12.50 cm).

Height of the pot: pot h = 14.70 cm

Total weight of the product: 0.25 kg

Color: The two main colors that decorate the surface of the Orange Boy pot are yellow and orange. From top to bottom, the colors flow smoothly. The saucer that comes with the pot is orange.

Hole size: The pot has a round hole that is 15.00 cm in diameter (ф 15).

Height of the pot and the plate: pot h = 18.00 cm, plate h = 3.00 cm.

Width: In its widest part the pot (the middle part of the pot) is 22.00 cm wide. Width of the bottom – it is round and has a diameter of 13.00 cm. Width in its upper part (at the opening) – 17.50 cm

Diameter of the plate – 22.50 cm

Capacity: about 4.00 liters of soil substrate.

Weight of the pot: 1.53 kg

Weight of the plate: 0.55 kg

Total weight of the product: 2.08 kg

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