3 pcs. boxes for balcony and terrace at low prices with irrigation system

We offer you a set of three plastic flower boxes made of quality plastic material. These pots are extremely suitable for growing houseplants, but also for outdoor plants.

The set of boxes, purchased through the online store Garden, consists of 3 pcs. flower boxes equipped with a special irrigation system. Through it, your flowers will irrigate themselves in a capillary way with the right amount of water they need. The water is added through a special hole and poured into a tank.

The material (plastic) from which the boxes are made is appreciated by both garden professionals and amateur gardeners, as it is cheap and light, yet strong and high quality. Also a particularly strong advantage of plastic boxes is that if they do not reach you later, you can always buy the exact same color and model.

The box with an irrigation system is very suitable for growing small flowering plants, but you can also plant a larger flower. This set of pots has a practically universal application.

Suitable containers for growing flowers, as in the interior, also on the balcony, terrace, villa, borrowed garden. You can easily sow the seeds of aromatic herbs or make your own garden for spices. Plant seeds of dill, parsley, devesil, mint, rosemary, basil and more.

From the online store in BG you can also buy a beautiful grass mixture, which you can plant in the boxes and have greenery in a pot, which you can prune in different shapes.

Color: White with light yellow color (Ecru)

Chest dimensions: 39.5 / 8.4 / H17

Capacity: 6.70 liters of peat mixture.

Total weight of the three boxes: 1,100 kg

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