Quality plastic pots with irrigation system in purple and white

This is an incredible offer of an extremely effective plastic pot with an irrigation system. The pot has a purple color at an incredible price. The pots are characterized by a slight elegant narrowing from the top to the base and a stylish gloss.

The advantages of plastic pots with irrigation systems are indisputable – easy to grow plants due to the irrigation system, they are cheap, light and convenient to use, suitable for home conditions. Every florist appreciates them for growing wholesale and small plants in the interior. Ceramic pots of this size are significantly more expensive and much heavier.

The advantage of pots with irrigation systems in purple and white is that through them your plants will always be optimally watered, without having to monitor them daily.

In the set, you get one pot and one irrigation system. Special discounts for regular customers of the online store „Garden“ and for traders when buying plastic pots wholesale in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria.

These are some of the most widely used pots for growing different types of flowers and ornamental plants. In these pots, gardeners often grow cascading petunias on the balcony or terrace, verbena, cascading geranium, and sakuzche.

Often in these pots are grown a number of indoor plants – ficus benjamin, ficus pumila, ficus lyre, various species of nettle, lady’s heart, ox tongue, various sedums, cacti and others.

When growing orchids and Japanese bonsai trees, the use of other types of pots is recommended.

If you grow cacti, be sure to use a special soil for cacti, which you can also buy from our online store.

The pots are also suitable for arrangements of dried flowers, interior, and exterior landscaping, they are suitable for hotels and hotel lobbies, lobby bars, verandas and roof gardens and more.

Color: Pleasant purple and white.

Hole size: Hole with a diameter of 11 cm (ф 11)

Height of the pot and saucer: pot h = 10.5 cm

Capacity: each of the pots has a capacity of about 0.6 liters of soil substrate.

Total weight of the products: 0.20 kg

the upper part is 32.50 cm in diameter. In its lower part, the narrowing of the pot reaches 20.50 cm in diameter.

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