Great pot for garden and yard – Lori made of UV stabilized strong plastic Ф25,5 / H24

Lori is a dark gray pot made of highly durable plastic in an elegant shape. The pot is in stylish dark graphite color and imitates extremely well clay and ceramic pots with the difference that it is many times lighter and more practical than them. The plastic has a special UV stabilization, which makes the pot very resistant to harmful sun rays. The colors do not fade and the plastic does not burn. The pot can withstand temperatures from -45 to + 55 degrees Celsius.

The Lori pot has no holes in the bottom, but if you want to use it as a pot, you can drill holes and order online from the store a special saucer in the same color and the same material.

Lori is a plastic pot for the yard and garden, suitable for decoration in landscaping balconies, terraces, verandas, sheds, and more. open or semi-indoor terrains. It can be used when arranging rock corners and rock gardens. Especially suitable for decorating conservatories, stairs, and sills.

Lori is a preferred pot in gray color, used in garden landscaping for various holidays such as – children’s birthdays, Easter, spring parties, and more. Lori brings color and joy to any garden where evergreen plants predominate.

You can diversify your water area by placing Lori near single-colored decorative stones, especially if you have placed a pot of freshly flowered violets in the pot.

Color: Graphite (dark gray).

Hole size: This durable plastic yard pot has a hole size of Ф25.5 cm (diameter 25.50 cm).

Pot height: The pot for your garden and yard imitating ceramic is H24 cm high.

Capacity: the pot collects about 5 liters of flower soil.

Weight of the pot: 0.70 kg

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