Seeds of Bulgarian tomatoes Pink Magic

Seven Seeds Ltd. is pleased to present you varietal seeds of Bulgarian tomatoes Pink Magic семена на домати розова магия! These tomatoes are high-yielding indeterminate (tall, have no growth restriction in height), medium-early with a powerful stem.

The fruits are located about 2 – 3 on a flower wrist. Variety Pink Magic is resistant to tobacco mosaic, verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt and is tolerant to alternaria, septoria and anthracnose.

Enjoy the big and delicious Bulgarian non-cracking soft pink tomatoes – Pink magic! The average weight of pink fruits is about 350 – 500 grams and they have a smooth surface.

This Bulgarian variety is very tasty, the tomato is fleshy and medium firm. Pink Magic tomatoes are a variety for fresh consumption (they can also be used for cooking).

Suitable for medium-early outdoor production on a supporting structure or in polyethylene greenhouses. The variety is resistant to high temperatures (protects its fruits).

Order now online the varietal seeds of these large Bulgarian pink tomatoes from the online store „Garden“.

Sowing rate 25 – 30 g of varietal seeds / dca.
Sowing time for seedlings February – March (depending on the method of cultivation) in the greenhouse.
Time for outdoor diving Seedlings are exported in April – May.
Distance from each other 90 cm between rows and 30 cm from each other in a row.
Fruiting period In summer to early autumn.
Type of cultivation Bulgarian tomatoes variety Pink Magic can be grown outdoors or in polyethylene greenhouses.
Yield 10 – 12 tons / dca.

Fruits The fruits of Pink Magic tomatoes are round, pink, very large, medium hard, dense and fleshy, with excellent taste. They are used for fresh consumption, they can also be used for trade (because they are medium hard, they retain their good commercial appearance for a longer time and are stable during transportation).
Number of seeds in 1 gram In 1 gram there are approximately 280 – 300 pcs. seeds.

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