Akalypha (Akalypha hispida) and use in green building 70

Acalifa is a beautiful houseplant that originated in New Guinea.

It grows well in room conditions, but sometimes reaches large sizes, which does not allow it to be grown in apartment conditions, but only in large business buildings. However, it is one of the plants with attractive colors in the interior.

At a height Akalifata can reach from 0.90 m to 2.40 m.

This plant blooms with very interesting oblong, scarlet flowers. Flowering is most abundant in summer and autumn. This is one of the plants with red flowers that are not used for landscaping in the garden.

To obtain this wonderful color of the flowers of the plant, a large amount of light is needed. For this it is good to choose a place near the windows, taking into account that in summer it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Akalifa grows at relatively medium temperatures, does not tolerate excessive heat or very low temperatures. It grows best at temperatures in winter 15-20 degrees, and in summer 20-25 degrees.

Loves very high humidity. When the air dries, the plant begins to suffer and loses its decorative effect, does not grow well. The container in which the Akalifata is planted must be well drained, and this is achieved by placing various materials at the bottom of the openings of the pot, most often using broken tiles.

Watering in winter should be such as to keep the soil moist, and in summer it should be watered abundantly, being careful not to overwater, because this leads to root rot and deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of the plant.

Akalypha (Akalypha hispida) Akalypha grows and grows well on heavy clay soil. For the good development of the plant it must be fed, the so-called fertilization.

Fertilization is carried out from late spring to late summer, done in about two weeks. Manure can be used in the garden. Propagation is done in the spring by taking cuttings about 10-15 cm long and placed for rooting in sandy – peat substrate. In order to have a longer flowering, Akalifata should be regularly cleaned of dried flowers, this stimulates the appearance of new and fresh ones.

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