Melon seeds Atila F1 (Atila F1) – a new selection Florian

Packaging / number of seeds: The delicious new for 2021 Bulgarian variety of melon is available in a package of 1 g. One gram contains about 25 – 35 pcs. varietal seeds of Melon Attila F1. семена на пъпеш Атила

Sowing rate: Between 60 and 150 g of Atila F1 melon seeds are needed for one decare. Depending on whether you are going to prepare melon seedlings in trays, you will need between 60 – 70 g per decare, if you sow outdoors, the consumption of Attila F1 melon seeds is significantly higher between 120 – 150 g per decare. plantings.

Sowing period: For super early sowing, the seeds are sown in trays, and for tunnel the period in which it is good to prepare seedlings is March 25-30. The seeds of Attila F1 melons are sown in trays for medium early production, and in the open the period is after the danger of frosts has passed from April 5-10 to April 30 at the latest.

Transplanting period: The finished seedlings of melons can be transplanted under a tunnel from April 30 to May 5, and outdoors from May 15 to June 1.
Growing scheme: The following distances between melon seedlings can be used: Distance between rows 140 cm and distance between individual plants 50-60 cm. The number of plants per decare is between 1200 – 1400 melons variety Attila F1. Attila F1 melon variety is suitable for growing outdoors and in polyethylene greenhouses. It can be grown for super early and medium early production. Suitable for spring-summer, summer and summer-autumn cultivation. High yielding variety.
Vegetation: The vegetation of the delicious hybrid melons Attila F1 is 80 – 85 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: The fruits of the melon Attila F1 are medium to large and elongated elliptical. Yellow-orange melons are slightly ribbed and weigh between 3-4 kg. Their surface is covered with a fine mesh. They are durable after tearing and have excellent taste. The inside is light orange and crunchy. The texture of the „meat“ is slightly grainy and very sweet.
We present to the attention of all connoisseurs of melons, the new Bulgarian medium-early delicious melon Attila F1! Attila F1 melon seeds can be sown for spring-summer, but also for summer or summer-autumn production. Even better news is that melon is ideal for growing in polyethylene greenhouses and outdoors.

The Attila F1 melon is a high-yielding variety of melon, forming powerful and vital plants. It gives birth to delicious weakly ribbed melons, which are great for fresh consumption in fruit salads. You can also prepare a refreshing melon frosting, as well as make wonderful „antipasti“ (from Italian lake appetizer, hors d’oeuvre) with prosciutto or skewers with your favorite cheeses.

The yellow-orange melons Attila F1 are covered with a very fine mesh and reach a size between 3-4 kg, which puts them on the list of medium-sized melons. The vegetation of the Attila F1 melon variety is between 80-85 days, but a serious advantage is the excellent durability after harvesting and good transportability. The color of the crunchy „flesh“ of the delicious melon is light orange and has a slightly grainy texture. The sweet melons Attila F1 have an elongated elliptical shape, form medium-long internodes and have large leaves with a dark green color.

The good appearance of the products and the sweet taste of the fruits make them an excellent choice, both for personal hobby production and for commercial purposes in the sale of fruits for the fresh farm type market. Melon variety Attila F1 has a very good adaptation and plasticity to adverse and changing climatic conditions. The wonderful selection of melons Attila F1 is the work of the company Florian, which for another year surprises us with new varieties of delicious Bulgarian fruits and vegetables. If you still haven’t enjoyed a delicious variety of them, be sure to try it! Online with fast delivery, you can order from us!

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