Seeds of Bulgarian tomatoes Pink Magic

Seven Seeds Ltd. is pleased to present you varietal seeds of Bulgarian tomatoes Pink Magic семена на домати розова магия! These tomatoes are high-yielding indeterminate (tall, have no growth restriction in height), medium-early with a powerful stem.

The fruits are located about 2 – 3 on a flower wrist. Variety Pink Magic is resistant to tobacco mosaic, verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt and is tolerant to alternaria, septoria and anthracnose.

Enjoy the big and delicious Bulgarian non-cracking soft pink tomatoes – Pink magic! The average weight of pink fruits is about 350 – 500 grams and they have a smooth surface.

This Bulgarian variety is very tasty, the tomato is fleshy and medium firm. Pink Magic tomatoes are a variety for fresh consumption (they can also be used for cooking).

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