Elegant drought-resistant turf (grass rolls) and delivery for all of Maryland

We present to your attention an extremely drought-resistant grass rolls composed of a special hybrid grass mixture (Bermuda grass), resistant to drought and dry terrain. The turf is very dense, with delicate beautiful leaves and a rich dark green color.

This turf is known for its resistance to growing in hot areas (withstands over 40 ° C) and has a low need for water – it requires up to 60% less watering than standard grass turf (about 45 liters / sq m of water per week).

It can be irrigated with biologically treated water (from treatment plants), you can even irrigate it with a mixture of 30% seawater. Another main advantage is that it withstands low mowing (1 – 2 cm in height) and can be mowed every 10 days.

This drought-resistant turf is extremely resistant to most grass diseases. In addition to drought resistance, this turf is resistant to intense stress.

The lawns are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer of grass lawns. In them, you will not find weeds, insects, and other pests. The soil is extremely fertile and free of stones and impurities. A special net is woven into the lawns, which makes them strong and easy to install.

At temperatures below 5 ° C it liquefies (most of the leaves turn yellow) after the winter months and rising temperatures above 5 ° C regains its green color.

Light requirement Prefers direct sun or semi-shady places with direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.
Soil Grass requires well-drained soil, like most lawns. Suitable sandy to sandy loam fertile soil.
Tramp resistance High.
Winter hardiness Winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria. During the winter months, it littered.
Leaf texture The leaves are very fine and elegant with a dark green color.
Durability With proper maintenance 10 – 15 years.

Time for laying turf
From March to the end of November.
Recommended application temperature
From 15ºС to 25ºС, do not apply at temperatures below 5ºС
Time to root turf
From 7 to 14 days
Watering Extremely drought resistant. It is recommended to water during the hot months with about 45 liters per square meter per week. It is resistant to watering with low-quality water. It can be irrigated with water with a conductivity of 6,500 mS / cm or even a mixture of 30% seawater.
Mowing Mow every 10 days at a height of 1 – 2 cm. It is not recommended to let it grow. It can be cut every week.
Fertilization Fertilization with combined mineral fertilizers is recommended. The norms and intervals depend on the respective type of fertilizer.
Note: The indicated watering norms are approximate and depend on the specifics of the place where the grass is grown. Keep in mind the type of soil, the prevailing temperatures, the microclimate in the area and the rainfall.

These lawns are suitable for dry and sunny terrains. They are suitable for grassing of private gardens, villas, houses, public parks. They can be applied when landscaping coastal villas, they are suitable for use on islands, they can be applied on very sandy soils.

Suitable for commercial use. When grazing on playgrounds, shops, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, malls, warehouses. This turfgrass is suitable for building large stadiums, small stadiums 5/5 m, golf courses, rugby courses, horse bases, you can use them to graze your ranch or roof garden.

It is recommended to use direct sun and partial shade (min. 6 hours of direct sunlight per day).

The turf is sold per sq.m, as 1 sq.m consists of pieces rolled into a roll with the following characteristics:

Size of a piece of turf:

Width: 40 cm

Length: 200 cm

Height: about 6 cm (including leaf mass).

Weight of one piece of turf: 20 – 25 kg

Weight of 1 sq.m turf: the weight of one sq.m varies between 25 and 35 kg depending on the humidity of the turf.


Minimum quantity for one order – 50 sq.m

All prices include transport to the site. Partial increases are possible in remote settlements or those with difficult access for trucks.

Payment – By bank transfer 100% in advance.

Delivery time – From 2 to 7 working days (after payment).

Attention! Due to the peculiarities of the product (grass turf) it is not subject to return after ordering.

Deliveries are made by vehicle with a length of 13 meters, in the absence of access to the site prices are subject to agreement.

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