Delivery and installation grass rolls at a unique price

Online store „GardenBG“ offers its customers high-quality turf with delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria and installation (grassing) by professional gardeners at competitive prices.

You get:

Free consultation from a specialist in landscaping and grassing with many years of experience – Landscape Architect.
Preparation of the terrain for grassing with turf – removal of old grass (if any), tillage (digging), leveling the terrain, rolling.
Fertilization – Fertilization with high quality mineral fertilizers in order to 100% capture grass turf and fertilizer action up to 3 months.
Delivery of turf – Free delivery to all small and large settlements in Bulgaria for quantities from 50 to 28 000 sq.m
Grass turf – High quality grass turf with a perfect decorative effect (grass turf)
Installation (laying / grassing) – Laying the turf by specialists with many years of experience.
Consultation and written recommendations for lawn maintenance.

Grass turf grass is suitable for all types of gardens. The advantage of the so-called „ryegrass on a roll“ is undoubtedly the immediate effect of a ready-made grass carpet. You have a grass area ready for use in literally one week (the term for rooting the lawns).

Grass rolls are suitable for landscaping hotels and hotel complexes, golf courses, stadiums, playgrounds, sports fields, restaurants, private homes, villas and gardens, guest houses, all thieves motels and holiday resorts such as family hotels and more. The lawns are also suitable for strengthening slopes, steep terrains, reclamation of disturbed terrains. {tab = Technical specifications}

The turf is sold per sq.m, as 1 sq.m consists of pieces rolled into a roll with the following characteristics:

Size of a piece of turf:

Width: 40 cm

Length: 200 cm

Height: about 6 cm (3 cm is the height of the soil with root system and 3 cm leaf mass).

Weight of one piece of turf: 15 – 20 kg

Weight of 1 sq.m turf: the weight of one sq.m varies between 25 and 35 kg depending on the humidity of the turf.


Minimum quantity for one order – 50 sq.m

For sites outside the town of Haskovo, a transport fee of BGN 0.25 / km is charged (transport in both directions is paid) for the movement of specialists – landscapers.

The price does not include delivery and filling of humus soil. If necessary, an additional offer is given by the landscaping specialists.

The price does not include business trips for the team.

Payment – By bank transfer (70% in advance) 30% after completion of activities.

A contract is signed for the delivery and grassing service with turf.

Due to the peculiarities of the product (grass turf) it is not subject to return after ordering.

Deadlines for implementation – depend on the characteristics of the terrain.

Which company is the contractor? – One of the best companies for landscaping and garden design in Bulgaria – Seven Seeds Ltd., which performs grassing in Haskovo and in any particular Bulgaria.

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