Interesting flower pot for modern interior design – Duo cream / anthracite Ф19,5 / H20 cm

For all our clients who are looking for very fresh interesting plastic pots with a modern design, we present – a pot of Duo cream/anthracite! The pot has an exceptional design, a smooth and shiny surface, and a stylish combination of two modern colors.

Included with the pot, the online store „Garden“ offers a special container in which flowers are grown. It is placed in a modern pot and together with it, they make an interesting design.

The modern flowerpot is suitable for arranging offices, homes, residences. Its compact shape and interesting design make it the ideal choice for any home where flower lovers want to bring something more interesting.
The gardeners of the Gradina store most often use the pot for flower arrangements of offices and private homes.

This modern flower pot fits into any modern interior, where rounded and more bizarre shapes predominate.

Color: The pot is cream color (yellow-white) and the container is anthracite (gray-black)
Hole size: ф19.5 cm
Height of the pot: 20 cm
Total weight of the product: 0.200 kg

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