Elegant plastic office pot – black Luigi 25/25 / H46,5 cm

Are you looking for an elegant black flowerpot? Do you prefer an elegant office shape and plastic as a material for construction? Well, get acquainted with our offer – Black Luigi flowerpot!

This light and shiny flower pot have an elegant look and at the same time brings a refined style to the interior. The black Luigi is extremely light, has a smooth shiny surface, and is sold complete with a special container for growing flowers. The pot can also be used as a pot with or without a container.

The elegant Black Luigi plastic office pot is ideal for all medium-sized potted plants that do not have specific requirements for the container in which they are grown.

It is also a good idea to grow exotic flowers in it, which require a deeper container for growing.

The pot is suitable for all types of indoor flowers – achimenes, zephyranthus, wax, Perelandra, cyclamen, fuchsia, geranium, and house maple.

Color: Black
Size of the opening of the pot: in its upper part the opening is 24.5 / 24.5 cm, and the bottom of the pot is 19/19 cm

Height of the pot: H 46.5 cm

Dimensions of the flower container: The container has a hole size of 24.5 / 24.5 cm and its bottom is 21/21 cm.

Height of the container: H 23.5 cm
Container capacity: Approximately 11 liters of flower soil.
Container capacity without container: Approximately 20 liters of flower soil.
Total weight of the product: 1,700 kg

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