Interesting transparent plastic flower pot self-watering Ф11 / H10.5 offers a new model of self-watering pot made of plastic material in transparent white color. Its attractive color allows you to observe the processes that take place in the soil. The pot has a slightly conical shape, its walls are smooth and quite elegant.

The transparent self-watering pot narrows from the top, where the widest (bright opening) round hole is, to the base.

The model is equipped with a special irrigation system.

This model of self-watering pot is among the most preferred, both by amateur gardeners and by professionals in landscaping. Most often, the transparent pot is chosen because of the material from which it is made – plastic.

This is the reason why the pot is light and convenient to carry. In this garden pot can be grown deciduous, evergreen and flowering plants. It is valued for landscaping balconies, terraces and gardens due to its multifunctionality.

Color: The pot can be purchased in white transparent color.

Dimensions of the pot: Ф11 / H10.5

Capacity: 0.6 liters of soil mixture

Total weight of the product: 0.177 kg

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