A stylish plastic pot – White Jolie Ф20 / H14,6 cm

All fans of plastic exotic pots can order online now from the online store Gardenshop.pro white plastic pot – White Jolie. This garden flower pot is made of thick and smooth plastic. Its exceptional lightness makes it a favorite for landscaping any room.

Apart from its lightness, White Jolie is also valued for its extremely interesting shape. The plastic pot fits perfectly in different places – offices, lobbies, receptions and more.

Don’t worry about the fact that this flower pot has a white color and will get very dirty every time you water the plants planted in it. The smooth glossy plastic of the pot is extremely easy to clean. It is enough to wipe the dirty area with a damp cloth. If the stains are dry, you can safely use any plastic surface cleaner to remove them faster.

The classic white color of the plastic container makes it an extremely suitable choice, for example for arrangements with fresh flowers for weddings. You can also transplant your young potted plants, which you have grown from varietal flower seeds when their current seedling containers become „small“.

When transplanting your flowers into a shiny White Jolie plastic pot, please note the following:

– Before transplanting your favorite flowers in White Jolie, it is best to look at their roots. If there are rotten or damaged ones, you must remove them.

– Provide a drainage layer about 10 cm in the pot, because it is a type of pot.

– Pay attention to the depth of planting flowers in the new pot. With proper planting of your plants, the roots should be well covered with soil substrate, and between the soil surface and the edge of the square pot you should leave 2 cm of free space. This space is important to leave, as it will facilitate the watering of the pot, and loosening will be much easier.

– All you have to do is water and leave the pot with the grafted flower in a shady place for about a week.

Color: White
Hole size: ф20 cm
Height of the pot: 14.6 cm
Capacity: Approximately 12 liters of flower soil.
Total weight of the product: 0.750 kg

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