Plastic pot with watering system for blueberries in a nice red color

Online store Garden presents a pot with an irrigation system, which is made of quality plastic. It is a preferred container for growing blueberries, citrus, small trees, and exotic ferns, and various types of flowering and deciduous plants.
If you have been looking for a suitable plastic pot with irrigation systems for growing blueberries, strawberries, herb seeds, or spices for a long time, then this model is the best choice for you! Perfect for growing large interior flowers, but also suitable for the exterior!

The blueberry pot with an irrigation system is also ideal for growing strawberries, lemons, oranges, kiwis, bananas, or other larger plants. If you are a palm lover and you are looking for a bigger pot for transplanting your favorite palm, then White Monica is the right choice!

This garden pot is suitable for transplanting palm Washington, Cycads, Yucca, Nolina, Coconut Palm, Date Palm, Howe, Caribbean Palm, Ficus, Shamrock, Avocado, Lemon Tree, Dracaena, and others. {tab = Technical specifications}

Red colour.
Pot dimensions: Ф11 / H10.5, 0.6 liters
Capacity: 45 liters.
Total weight of the product: 0.177 kg

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