Quality plastic pots with a nice shape in gray color and irrigation system

Gradenbg com presents a great stylish potted model for easy and quick decoration of your home or office.

The online order of this type of pot also includes a special irrigation system for easy cultivation of all types of plants.

The pot with an irrigation system is suitable for growing different types of small plants such as cacti and ornamental grasses, as well as for growing different types of flowering and deciduous creepers.

The model plastic with an irrigation system is convenient to carry and can be easily arranged in your home, office, warehouse, workplace, hotel lobby, or another type of room. It is highly valued by a large number of interior designers and landscape architects in landscaping conservatories, private houses, and villas.

E-shop „Garden“ offers various discounts from the announced price for wholesale orders. For additional information about the product or wholesale of pots, contact us at the listed phones or our email in the Contacts menu.

The quality plastic pot is suitable for growing balcony flowers in soil or coconut fiber, which can be easily arranged on the terrace or balcony, at the home, office, villa. If, after all, your idea is for something standard, decorating your home, then this type of pot is ideal for growing geraniums, begonias, and many other flowering plants.

The beautiful clean form is ideal for arrangements with Christmas plants giving coziness in your home. This type of pot with an irrigation system is suitable for growing herbs or spices that can inspire a beautiful aroma in the kitchen.

For those of you who have pets, the pot is also suitable for growing fresh cat grass. E-shop „Garden“ offers a wide range of pots for your needs and ideas for decoration with fresh flowers or dry arrangements.

Color: Color gray (shade).
Aperture dimensions: Ф17.5 / H15
Height of the pot: 15 cm
Capacity: about 2.5 liters of soil substrate.
Product weight: 0.400 kg
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