Large brown pot for flowers and spices with irrigation system in sandy brown color

Garden bg com presents a cute big pot for growing indoor and balcony flowers. It is a medium-sized pot made of durable plastic with a smooth surface and a slightly elegant narrowing from top to bottom. The pot has an irrigation system with which you can easily irrigate different types of plants with an optimal amount of moisture.

Decorating your home has never been easier than it is now with the new sand-brown pot. It is the perfect gift for you and your family. The pot with an irrigation system arrives at you regardless of where in Bulgaria you are – Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Primorsko, Petrich, and others.

The wholesale order of this universal pot model gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts offered on the price given on the site. To get more information about the discounts available for wholesale plastic pots, contact us on the contact numbers or our email address, which you can find in the „Contacts“ menu.

The pot is ideal for growing some types of climbing plants that could easily decorate your terrace or balcony. In it, you can sow the seeds of exotic Passionflower, white or purple Kobe, different types of cascading flowers – cascading puppy, petunias, tagetes, coins. The model is suitable for making beautiful colored balls of flowering plants to decorate your office, cafe, hotel, or restaurant.

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Plastic pot with watering system for blueberries in a nice red color

Online store Garden presents a pot with an irrigation system, which is made of quality plastic. It is a preferred container for growing blueberries, citrus, small trees, and exotic ferns, and various types of flowering and deciduous plants.
If you have been looking for a suitable plastic pot with irrigation systems for growing blueberries, strawberries, herb seeds, or spices for a long time, then this model is the best choice for you! Perfect for growing large interior flowers, but also suitable for the exterior!

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Pot for balcony and terrace with irrigation system in exotic mint color (light green)

This model flower pot with an irrigation system is made of high-quality plastic and has a very elegant shape.

If your balcony is small, then the Blue Pot with Irrigation System is definitely right for you. The garden vessel itself is equipped with a special irrigation system.

If you decide to plant two different plants in one pot, then this original garden pot for planting flowers is ideal for this purpose.

The extremely attractive pot for the balcony and terrace with an irrigation system is terribly practical.

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Quality plastic pots with irrigation system in purple and white

This is an incredible offer of an extremely effective plastic pot with an irrigation system. The pot has a purple color at an incredible price. The pots are characterized by a slight elegant narrowing from the top to the base and a stylish gloss.

The advantages of plastic pots with irrigation systems are indisputable – easy to grow plants due to the irrigation system, they are cheap, light and convenient to use, suitable for home conditions. Every florist appreciates them for growing wholesale and small plants in the interior. Ceramic pots of this size are significantly more expensive and much heavier.

The advantage of pots with irrigation systems in purple and white is that through them your plants will always be optimally watered, without having to monitor them daily.

In the set, you get one pot and one irrigation system. Special discounts for regular customers of the online store „Garden“ and for traders when buying plastic pots wholesale in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria.

These are some of the most widely used pots for growing different types of flowers and ornamental plants. In these pots, gardeners often grow cascading petunias on the balcony or terrace, verbena, cascading geranium, and sakuzche.

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