Interesting pot for ferns and houseplants Duo anthracite – cream

Duo anthracite – cream is a convenient flower pot, which is sold online from the online store „Garden“. Made of plastic, the pot is extremely light and will be delivered complete with a special container for growing flowers!
The pleasant combination of colors and design of the pot fits perfectly into any interior!

From the e-shop „Garden“ you can order online pot-type Duo with fast delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria.

Duo anthracite – cream is a large pot, which is used by professional gardeners to arrange different types of covered terraces, roof gardens, and balconies.
This plastic pot – box is suitable for growing the tree of life, ficus benjamin, cirtomium (sickle fern), cycad and others.

If you are a fan of ferns, you can use the large flower pot Duo anthracite – cream to sow your favorite ferns such as nephrolepis, hemionitis, spindle fern (selaginella), pteris, Asplenium and others. {tab = Technical specifications}
Color: anthracite – cream or a combination of black – gray and a container in cream – yellow.
Dimensions of the pot: 40×19.5xH20.5 cm
Capacity: about 16 liters.
Total weight of the product: 0.750 kg.

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