Pot for balcony and terrace with irrigation system in exotic mint color (light green)

This model flower pot with an irrigation system is made of high-quality plastic and has a very elegant shape.

If your balcony is small, then the Blue Pot with Irrigation System is definitely right for you. The garden vessel itself is equipped with a special irrigation system.

If you decide to plant two different plants in one pot, then this original garden pot for planting flowers is ideal for this purpose.

The extremely attractive pot for the balcony and terrace with an irrigation system is terribly practical.

This unique pot is also preferred by professional gardeners for landscaping balconies. You can easily arrange the pot in your winter garden.

Plant your favorite seeds of petunias, calendula, coins, transplant your flowers such as anthurium, selaginella, formium, hebe, live stones, Pteris, Oroya, aloe, Easter, echinocactus, and more. With the interesting pot, you can arrange hotel balconies, fences of restaurants, stair railings, and mezzanines.

The incredibly practical flowerpot is ideal for roof landscaping of office buildings, hotels, luxury business centers, and the lobbies of beauty salons. The pot is ideal for decorating the barbecue in the yard or garden, as well as for gazebos.

Color: Mint (light green)

Aperture dimensions: ф18 / H14

Capacity: about 2.5 liters of soil substrate.

Pot weight: 0.250 kg

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