Railing pot for cascading flowers – Green Aya 24.2×27.8xH20.1 cm

From some online store for pots, you can now order the attractive pot Green Aya. Apart from its interesting shape and fresh color, this pot attracts attention because of its truly universal application and practicality.

This model of pots is specially created for the fence in your yard, the railing of the staircase in the block, and your house or the railing of the balcony. The secret of the self-fixing of the vessel lies in the unique curve that the pot has and the special buckles that hold it firmly in place.

This curve divides the pot into two compartments, suitable for planting two separate plants in each compartment. The empty space, which is formed between the two compartments of the double pot, serves for its fastening directly on the selected partition (railing, fence, hedge, thin wall, low and narrow wall and other plastic, wooden, or metal fences).

This interesting type of self-supporting pot is the most practical choice for small homes with narrow balconies. Green Aya is a universal pot in which you can grow all kinds of ornamental and flowering potted plants and balcony flowers. This model of railing pots is not recommended for growing aquatic plants, small bonsai trees, and orchids.

If you are looking for an orchid pot, you already know that Green Aya is not the right flower pot in this case. For this purpose, the online store „Garden“ offers its customers special pots for orchids, which are transparent and provide a normal environment for the development of epiphytes.

The attractive plastic double pot Green Aya is the best choice of flower pot if you have a narrow balcony with a small space for arranging pots. Green Aya is a plastic pot that is also perfect for making a herb garden on the balcony.

It will definitely save you both space and money (because it attaches itself directly to the railing of the balcony, without the need for other metal structures for hanging pots), and also allows you to plant or sow seeds of different types of herbs in one pot.

And imagine how beautiful it would look planted in both compartments plant – cascading petunia. For amateur gardeners who prefer a waterfall of blooming flowers, the sight of a petunia planted in a pot of Green Aya would surely impress them.

As you can see in this garden pot, you can really grow all kinds of flowers. Well, of course, water lilies and other aquatic plants cannot be grown in this pot.

The interesting pot Green Aya can be used as a standard pot, ie. without hanging it on the railing of the balcony. Yes, the pot is stable and can be placed on a window sill, as long as its width allows.

Another application of the pot, which is preferred by restaurant owners is the use of the pot to hang on the fence of the cafe for example. If you have a restaurant that is located near a large boulevard and you want to take your guests away from the dynamics and noise of the city for a moment, you can definitely put a few pots of Green Aya type on the fence.

If you plant petunias in them, for example, you can achieve a really pleasing to the eye flowering effect.

Color: The pot has a signal attractive green color. The same model is available in warm brown color (ceramic, tile).

Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part is 24.2×27.8 cm.

Height of the pot: pot H20.1 cm

Capacity: about 12 liters of soil substrate for indoor, balcony, and garden flowers.

Pot weight: 0.640 kg

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