Plastic pot for balcony flowers and installation of a railing in brown

GARDEN BG presents for its customers a pot for balcony flowers, which is suitable for the installation of railings of different sizes. It is a pot for a balcony, which would save you a lot of space, especially if your terrace is small and you do not have enough space for more pots on the ledge.

The brown railing pot has two compartments in which the soil and the balcony plants of your choice are placed. There is a free space between these compartments, marked by an elegant curve. This „slit“ of the balcony pot allows you to place it directly on your balcony railing.

The pot is incredibly light, which is a particularly important advantage, as you will place the pot directly on the balcony railing. The unique garden container for a balcony is made of plastic material, which can be easily cleaned with a simple detergent for plastic products.

The attachment to the railing is done by means of special pins, which are placed in the places provided for them. The attachment is strong, which protects the railing pots from falling even during a strong spring storm.

This proposal is a double pot, ideal for planting cascading plants such as beautiful petunias. This interesting container for balcony flowers is appreciated by professional gardeners who use it for landscaping gardens, as well as for spectacular exterior design – yard, balcony, terrace, decorating the roof space with flowers.

This model of the attractive plastic pot is a great choice if you are thinking of decorating your yard fence, balcony railing, and even a window sill. Yes, this garden pot stands firmly, placed on a hard surface, and can be used as an ordinary pot with two compartments for flowers.

In the pot, you can plant different types of flowering exterior and interior plants such as clown flower, primrose, vervain, asterisk, geranium (pelargonium), petunia, gypsy, coins, African violet (saintpaulia), cyclamen, plumbago, strelitzia, anthurium, Perelandra and other balcony flowers.

Color: The pot has an elegant warm brown „terracotta“ color. The same model is also available in attractive signal green (reseda).

Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part has dimensions of 39.3×27.8 cm.

Height of the pot: pot h = 20.1 cm

Capacity: about 12 liters of soil substrate for flowers.

Pot weight: 0.640 kg

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