Windproof work spring jacket made of special fabric with stylish design online store offers to your attention a windproof spring work jacket in a pleasant blue color, suitable for all extreme weather situations. Its windproof feature guarantees your comfort when you are with it. Whenever you wear it, be sure that you will be well protected from wind and cold. The work jacket is also characterized as cold-resistant, which makes it even more ideal for your wardrobe.

The spring windproof jacket is made of 100% polyester, a fabric known for its durability and completely suitable for clothes with windproof characteristics. Also, the clothing is of guaranteed quality, as evidenced by the European certificate for standard EN 342, which defines all the basic requirements and additional ones to cold protective workwear.

The product is ideal for working outdoors in extreme weather conditions, especially when it comes to colder and windier weather (typical of spring and autumn). Your body will be perfectly protected and the work process will be effective at all times. The windbreaker can be used whenever necessary, so it is good to always be close to you. Working in the garden, in the mountains, in the hut, in the service, in cold weather, or if your activity is related to work at height, no doubt the item will be very useful to you.

Apart from the workplace, the spring windproof jacket comes into use during your vacation, especially if you have decided to spend a few hours in the intoxicatingly beautiful Bulgarian mountains. In such a place the weather is changeable and you should always be prepared for it.

The spring jacket with protection from wind and cold, which we offer you, will look great on most quality work pants. It is a very useful addition if your official duties require staying in open and windy places for a longer time. We know how important it is for work clothes to meet such requirements. This is exactly what your long-term health depends on.

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Spring and autumn work jacket made of pure cotton

Shop online for work clothes presents you an interesting offer – spring and autumn work jacket at a great price of 100% cotton. The jacket we offer you here is characterized by a reflective edging, which would be useful if you work on projects related to infrastructure or your activity requires work in low visibility conditions. The reflective edging is useful and adds more security during extreme conditions.

The color of this jacket for work for spring and autumn is in the blue range, darker and an idea brighter blue. The fastening is combined – with zipper and velcro. The straight silhouette of the cut will give you the comfort you need when you have to wear it.

From a practical point of view, spring workwear has four pockets with a standard volume. You can take only the most necessary things with you. For most work activities, this is quite sufficient, as it eliminates the danger of being overloaded with tools that you may not use. In case you need a jacket with voluminous pockets, you can view our offers.

The work jacket for spring and autumn is made of 100% high quality cotton and 240 g / m2 density. The fabric is known to protect the skin, leaving it to breathe, which makes working spring and autumn clothing suitable for people with more sensitive skin. Cotton also has the ability to maintain the required body temperature, which means that the jacket can be used without problems at variable temperatures.

If you want to complement a work jacket for autumn and spring with suitable trousers, the most suitable option for this is to choose one from the same product range, which, in addition to work trousers made of cotton, also contains overalls and a vest. Depending on the specific purpose you need, choosing an item from the series of clothes for work is the ideal solution for a set with a jacket. The series is manufactured by a renowned manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of this type of clothing, whose fame as a quality manufacturer is not accidental.

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Cheap work jacket made of polyester and cotton with voluminous pockets

Our online store offers you a great cheap work jacket made of polyester and cotton with voluminous pockets, which at the same time shines with style, practicality and serious strength of the cut. It is made of a special combination of cotton and polyester with a density of 240 g / m2.

The fabric is of super quality and offers the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester. You get health for your body and clothes with a long life at an exceptional price with the possibility of delivery in Ruse, Chavdar, Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Mirkovo, Sadovo, Popovitsa, Asenovgrad, Bachkovo, Ezerovo,

Mineralni Bani, Dimitrovgrad and others. small and large towns and villages in Bulgaria.

The product with volume pockets is available in gray with red accents, which emphasize the volume of each pocket. The bright shade adds accent and emphasizes the details in the cheap work jacket. The pockets are large enough and there is room for many tools. There are four of them on the front, plus another on the sleeve.

The simple cut of the cheap work jacket is straight and comfortable for many activities that require the use of this type of clothing. Freedom of movement during work is there, comfort too. The fastening is done with a zipper. The sleeves of the jacket can also be fastened with buttons in case you prefer. Each of them has a button in the wrist area.

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Stylish work jackets at good prices for Plovdiv and the Country store for work jackets appreciates high quality protection products during the work process. For this reason, we offer you the current jacket for work at a good price, which is part of a series of pants and overalls, which can be purchased separately if you need a set. Jackets and other parts can be delivered to Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, Sliven and others. small and large settlements within Bulgaria.

All of them follow the features that distinguish the product line, which makes them ideal for combination with each other. The manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of production at each stage of production. This is a guarantee that the work jackets, regardless of whether they are delivered in Plovdiv or in others. city, which online store „Garden“ offers you, are the fruit of the highest standards.

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Luxury work shoes made of genuine leather water-repellent

Shop for work clothes and gardening goods GardenShop.Pro presents to its customers another model of luxury quality work shoes made of genuine leather water-repellent.

The sole (outer part) of the shoes is made of quality, well-treated leather, which has the property of not leaking water. This will protect your poop from getting wet during operation. This characteristic feature of leather work shoes is highly valued by all workers in car washes, landscaping, hygienists, construction workers, plumbing specialists, plumbers, water engineers, employees in water power plants, sewage treatment plants and others.

The lining of this model of leather shoe is made of a special fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion and wear. This gives you security even when you have to take off and put on your shoes many times during the day. In addition, the lining is made of breathable textile, which absorbs moisture from sweating feet and thus avoids the feeling of steamy and constantly wet feet.

The leather shoes are slightly raised, thus protecting not only the feet and ankles. Видин тротоарни плочки

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Quality waterproof work shoes with anatomical insole

GardenShop.Pro store presents to its customers a great offer – quality waterproof work shoes with anatomical insole. This model will surprise you with its great features.

The upper part is produced from genuine leather – water repellent. This is especially important for professions that are systematically exposed to water – workers in car washes, workers in dams, forestry, nurseries, vegetable growers, specialists in the construction of irrigation systems, gardeners and others.

The lining of the inner part of the shoe is made of a special material – Texelle, which is breathable and has several very important properties – it absorbs and releases moisture when sweating the feet and is very highly durable. That way, you won’t have to worry about pairing your foot as a result of wearing work shoes all day. Русе Тротоарни плочки

One of the main advantages of this model of waterproof work shoe is undoubtedly the anatomical insole, which has a comfortable shape to wear and does not strain the feet when walking. It is also perforated and can be removed and cleaned. The insole is covered with a special Texelle material, as well as the entire inner part and is antistatic. This way you are sure that even with all-day intensive work, your feet will receive a very high level of protection.

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Work shoes with metal toecap with anti-allergic lining

GardenShop.Pro has expanded its catalog with another product of great importance when working in the garden and in many other professions – work shoes with a metal toecap.

The advantage of this model is that their lining is made of anti-allergic material, which has the ability to absorb sweat. This prevents sweating and steaming of the feet. This is especially important for people who often have problems with fungus on their feet or have sensitive skin. In addition, work shoes have a comfortable removable insole, which also absorbs moisture and protects the feet from colds.

One of the main advantages of the model is undoubtedly the metal bomb. It is made of a metal plate, which is inserted in the front of the work shoe. This protects your toes and the entire front of your feet from mechanical injury from falling objects. These hazards are common in movers, workers in large warehouses, hypermarkets, profile factories, warehouses for construction materials, gas stations and more. Плевен Тротоарни Плочки

The entire upper part of the work shoes with a toe is made of quality natural leather, which additionally protects the poop when working. Last but not least is the sole of the shoe – it is made of antistatic material PU / PU.
The model of a shoe with a toe is highly valued for its very good qualities and reasonable price. It is often used by gardeners, gardeners, general workers, masons, masons, painters, construction workers, formworkers, installers, plumbers and many more. etc.

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