Create your own flower paradise (patio plants) 45

Nowadays, it is very rare to find a garden or patio without at least one plant. Because they – the plants connect us with nature in our industrialized world and hectic daily life. With their huge variety, they find their way to everyone’s heart.

Patio plants are not one species or variety, they are a huge variety of species, shapes, varieties that can be successfully grown in pots (boxes and pots, etc.) and in flower beds and various decorative groups (a combination of trees, shrubs and flowers). It is important to know that there must be subscription maintenance of green areas to make them look as good as possible. This should be done by professionals who have graduated from a specialized university for landscaping. минерални торове качествени

Fertilizing with quality mineral fertilizers and preparing to maintain a green area is extremely important for the development and health of all flowers in a garden.

By the very term „patio plants“, professionals involved in landscaping and landscaping refer mainly to species that are not cold-resistant (meaning that they can not withstand low temperatures

In winter for our continental climate conditions, these are usually plants of tropical origin. This feature requires them to be stored indoors in winter, which requires that they can be easily transported in different containers.

A beautiful combination of ornamental plants

In general, the term container is used for larger plants (trees, shrubs), and when the plants are smaller in size, the pots are called pots, various hanging baskets, flower containers and much more.

Depending on your patio, balcony or garden, there are many combinations and combinations between flowers and dishes. Garden lamps can also be used for greater decorative effect. For example, hanging flowers are most suitable for your balcony, because with their „flowing“ colors they create an incredibly beautiful view for the eye.

Both hanging flowers and others are suitable for your patio or garden, but the combination of flowers and tree-shrub groups is the most successful.

The skill for these combinations is an innate talent. Undoubtedly, the leaders of this art are the masters from Japan. The profession of landscape architect, as it is known in Bulgaria, is quite popular among the Japanese and quite prestigious.

The schools there have been teaching their alumni the secrets of Japanese gardens for ten years. They teach them how to create little magic with the help of the natural resources of the earth.

Who has not heard of the famous Japanese cherries, known for their beautiful combinations of flowers and shrubs incredibly beautiful flowers. Parks in Japan reveal amazing views during the spring season, when the cherries are in bloom, and when they begin to bloom, the view becomes amazing, resembling a snowfall of small flowers.

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people think about the fact that we are still part of nature and we must appreciate, protect and preserve it. With our dynamic daily life we ​​seem to have forgotten about nature, so it is good for each of us at least for a moment to stop and think about it.

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