Diadora utility shoes – waterproof and extremely comfortable

Gardenshop.pro online store offers work clothes for your work or personal use. The product we offer here is an extremely comfortable waterproof Diadora Utility work shoes. Typical of the popular brand is the use of quality materials and well thought out stylish design. The security and protection in this type of clothing is at an exceptional level.

Diadora Utility shoes are characterized by water resistance, which you will appreciate as soon as you start using them in difficult areas, bad weather conditions or work in humid rooms. Natural materials are available. The outer part of the shoe is made of genuine leather. For the inner, a special fabric is used, which absorbs sweat and takes care of the health of the skin. The EVA insole is removable. The model also has a K-sole protective plate.

Let’s look at the toe of Utility Diadora work shoes. It is great and does its official role perfectly, to defend – a feature that hints at the professional orientation of the model. They are ideal for any work activity you can think of, without those that require more specific clothing. In addition to the metal bomb, the model also has a metal plate, which further enhances its strength.

But this does not mean that this product of Diadora utilities can not be used for personal use. On the contrary, they will even do a perfect job if you decide to go with them to the mountains, where the weather is erratic. Waterproof work shoes will not let you down in such a place.

The color combination of the proposed product is a dark base, greenish face with a metallic tint and red ties – a stylish combination that is often found in this type of workwear. In general, the look of the work shoes is very attractive and suggests security and comfort.

The quality of the work shoes is guaranteed, apart from the brand image and the presence of the European quality standard EN 345. This means that this model Utility Diadora has all the basic and additional requirements that are expected to have a pair of safety shoes high class for professional use. Among these requirements are the presence of elements that protect, such as the bomb, and that protect against impact. Shoes bearing the EN 345 ​​standard are tested at a load of 200J.

Gardenshop.pro store offers customers who want to buy larger quantities of Diadors discounts than the standard price. For this purpose, contact our representative to explain the conditions for a discount depending on the desired quantity and wholesale opportunities for quality work clothes.
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Color: Dark green, but also available in black.
Upper sole: High quality waterproof genuine leather.
Lining: A special breathable lining that absorbs sweat from the feet.
Insole: The insole is also made of breathable fabric, removable.
Bomb: Metal bomb with plate.
Protection level: S3
Product weight: 1,200 kg (includes box).

ATTENTION! Certified according to the European standard EN 345.

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