Stylish work jackets at good prices for Plovdiv and the Country store for work jackets appreciates high quality protection products during the work process. For this reason, we offer you the current jacket for work at a good price, which is part of a series of pants and overalls, which can be purchased separately if you need a set. Jackets and other parts can be delivered to Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, Sliven and others. small and large settlements within Bulgaria.

All of them follow the features that distinguish the product line, which makes them ideal for combination with each other. The manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of production at each stage of production. This is a guarantee that the work jackets, regardless of whether they are delivered in Plovdiv or in others. city, which online store „Garden“ offers you, are the fruit of the highest standards.

Work jackets also have one advantage – the price, which makes them suitable for ordering as company workwear. The model features a straight silhouette and a classic look. The colors are indigo blue and black with a shade of white. The latter is delicately woven only as an accent in the back of the pockets, it is visible only enough to hint at how voluminous the compartments are.

Black hints at areas that are reinforced, namely the shoulders and the bottom of the jacket. The light elastics with which the sleeves end are also black – their idea is to protect, give comfort, without the sleeves interfering and not getting dirty easily. The jacket is fastened with a zipper and velcro.

The stylish look of the work jacket allows its use not only for work but also for leisure. It is highly valued by all agricultural producers in the Plovdiv region, as well as in Sliven, Yambol and Dobrich. It is often used, for example, for walks in bad weather, for a holiday in the mountains and whatever else you can think of. In professional terms, the model is applicable to any activity that comes to your mind and which requires the presence of the European certificate for a standard of workwear, namely EN 13688. This is a standard defining the minimum required for the basic protective characteristics of a work clothes.

For the sewing of these work jackets at an affordable price, a fabric containing cotton and polyester was used, which has a density of 270 g / m2. The combination is suitable for workwear, which must be created from natural products, but at the same time be strong, durable and high quality. With the combination of the two materials you get just that.

An additional extra is offered to the jackets, namely an option for embroidery or stamping of company logo, motto, motto, etc. depending on the purpose of the workwear used. One of the perfect ways to make your business or company name better known.

Ask our consultants about the different prices of work jackets made to order with print or embroidery, as well as the possibilities for a discount from the standard price when ordering online wholesale.
Currently not available!

Color: Plovdiv models of work jackets are available in blue.
Fabric: Combination of polyester and cotton 270 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1100 g.

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