Cheap work jacket made of polyester and cotton with voluminous pockets

Our online store offers you a great cheap work jacket made of polyester and cotton with voluminous pockets, which at the same time shines with style, practicality and serious strength of the cut. It is made of a special combination of cotton and polyester with a density of 240 g / m2.

The fabric is of super quality and offers the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester. You get health for your body and clothes with a long life at an exceptional price with the possibility of delivery in Ruse, Chavdar, Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Mirkovo, Sadovo, Popovitsa, Asenovgrad, Bachkovo, Ezerovo,

Mineralni Bani, Dimitrovgrad and others. small and large towns and villages in Bulgaria.

The product with volume pockets is available in gray with red accents, which emphasize the volume of each pocket. The bright shade adds accent and emphasizes the details in the cheap work jacket. The pockets are large enough and there is room for many tools. There are four of them on the front, plus another on the sleeve.

The simple cut of the cheap work jacket is straight and comfortable for many activities that require the use of this type of clothing. Freedom of movement during work is there, comfort too. The fastening is done with a zipper. The sleeves of the jacket can also be fastened with buttons in case you prefer. Each of them has a button in the wrist area.

The cheap-priced work jacket with large pockets comes with a European certificate, which guarantees that the standard to which the workwear must meet is met. This is the EN 13688 standard. It is recognized throughout Europe and defines the main characteristics that the garment must meet when sold in an online workwear store.

The cheap working jacket with volume pockets offered here is part of a specific product range of the manufacturer. The other items from the mentioned series are trousers and a work overall at a good price. All three products can be ordered together or separately. A set will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether it is personal or business.

Regarding the jacket for working with the cheap price, keep in mind the following thing – there is a possibility for printing and embroidery of a company logo, in case you are professionally interested in the item. Your employees will feel perfect with a special company work jacket. This is an ideal way to promote your business.

Garden online store also provides additional discounts on the cheap prices of the item when buying larger quantities of it. For additional information on wholesale prices for workwear, contact our consultants.
Currently not available!

Color: The cheap work jacket is available in Gray and red details on the volume pockets.
Fabric: A combination of polyester and cotton 240 g / sq.m, which makes it perfect from spring to autumn.
Product weight: 1100 g.

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