Luxury work jacket at good prices with delivery to Sofia and the country

E-shop comes out with a new offer to its customers. This is a great work jacket at perfect prices online with delivery in Sofia, Dobrich, Albena, Sunny Beach and others. settlements in the country.

Apart from a good price, the jacket is also famous for its high quality, and one of its advantages is that it has the necessary European certificates for the quality of the workwear. In addition to the work jacket that we describe here, you can also buy pants and overalls of the same model at good prices. This way you can make a perfect set of work clothes. All of them meet the basic

European standard for workwear EN 340. Certification is a guarantee not only for quality and prestige, but also for safety during the work process.
In addition to a price advantage, the jacket model is characterized by a straight cut and a stylish luxury design. The colors used are gray, black and a little red.

The base is gray with black pieces of fabric in some areas and red in the back of the pockets. The black boards are not placed by accident. On the contrary, they are reinforced parts that are known to wear, tear and wear out quickly.

The straight and elongated silhouette fits perfectly on the body, and the sleeves of the work jacket end with an elastic band. The idea of ​​the elastics is to retract the sleeves so as not to interfere with the work process. The jacket with the good price for Sofia and Bulgaria is fastened with a zipper and velcro.

It also has a high collar that can be lifted and additionally fastened. The pockets of the model are also very functional. Four compartments, two for hands, one for tools and one for smartphone and keys.

The item is made of high quality fabric ideal for work clothes. Its content is a mixture of cotton and polyester with a density of 195 g / m2. Both materials have their positive qualities and complement each other. Cotton is a natural fabric and leaves the skin to breathe, but it is easily deformed after washing, so polyester intervenes here, which is durable and adds resistance to cotton. In this way the jacket becomes resistant to abrasion, cracking and wear.

We recommend that you use the work jacket at a good price for activities that require basic protection from clothing. It is completely suitable for gardeners, gardeners, general workers, movers, fitters, for work in a factory, for construction and engineering activities. It is valued by many construction companies in Sofia, as well as by companies in Ruse, Dobrich, Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Yambol, Pleven, Plovdiv and others.

The work jacket has the ability to embroider and print a company logo at reasonable prices. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are interested in professional clothing.

The jacket is ideal for your employees if the company’s activity requires the use of this type of clothing. With the company logo, your company will be promoted among satisfied customers.
Ask our consultants about the terms of delivery in Sofia and the country, as well as about the additional discounts from the standard price for a work jacket with embroidery or with a special print.
Currently not available!

Color: The Sofia fashion work jacket is available in gray – black color.
Fabric: Combination of cotton and strong polyester 195 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1100 g.

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