Working black pants with triple reinforced seams and comfortable cut offers you online practical work black pants following the highest quality standards. The great combination of basic graphite black color and white seams, without a doubt, distinguishes it from all other clothes created for work.

The exceptional vision, however, does not make it less practical. On the contrary, black work trousers have all the basic features that should be present in such clothing. We would add that the positive aspects of the model are even more than expected. A pleasant surprise for the person who will like and invest in the model.

The pants are from a line with several types of clothes of the same fabric and workmanship. These are a black work jacket and a jumpsuit with the same characteristics and vision as the black work trousers. An amazing combination, which we guarantee that you will be satisfied in every way if you place an order online.

As we mentioned, the item shines equally with great vision and practicality.

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Quality work jacket with the possibility of advertising company inscriptions

GardenShop.Pro online store added to its catalog of quality workwear – work jacket with the ability to add company advertising inscriptions, suitable for both professional work and personal use. The online store for work clothes guarantees the quality of every product it offers, and the outerwear described here is no exception to this rule.

The model has a sporty cut and a modern look, which will undoubtedly be in your favor, no matter for what purpose it will be used – for work or leisure. The design of the work jacket is at a level that makes it a useful multifunctional outerwear. You will feel comfortable wearing it after the first few hours. This is one of the most important conditions when using any garment, comfort during rest and a comfortable fit for a more efficient work process.

Mentioning one of the characteristics of the company’s work jacket, namely that it is multifunctional, we can not fail to note that the small details in the outerwear are designed to perfection to meet all the requirements expected of such a model.

For example, there are several pockets, large enough to be called practical, and last but not least, each of them has a suitable fastening so that the things you carry with you are in a safe place. In addition to their functional design, they are further enhanced with a DuPont fabric called CORDURA. This makes them more resistant to regular use.

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Overalls for a general worker certified according to European quality standards

GardenShop.Pro is pleased to present you an exclusive model of work overalls for a general worker, which is certified according to the European quality standard EN340.

The item is part of a product series. The whole line, in addition to the stylish jumpsuit offered here, also includes a jacket, a full jumpsuit with long sleeves, trousers and a vest – suitable work clothes for any professional in their field or for a person who is regularly engaged in work in his own home and needs set of work clothes for each season.

The semi-overalls for common warriors are available in a suitable dark blue color in combination with bright red in the back of the pockets. Red is used to enhance the volume and highlight them from the main color. This model of overalls for a general worker has five pockets, two on the pants, one on the sides, one on the chest and one on the back. There are several practical compartments, most suitable for phone, smartphone or wallet. In general, they are useful for most professions that require the use of a large number of tools.

One of the chest pockets has a zipper for more important accessories such as keys or a case for documents and business cards.

The straps of the overalls model for general workers are also characterized by a high dose of practicality. They are adjustable following the individual comfort, which makes the jumpsuit very comfortable to use, no matter how long it is used. They are subject to control at any time during the work process. The cut offers a slit in the shop and additional fastening with buttons in the waist area.

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Reinforced work jumpsuit with many pockets for climbers

The Garden Shop online store offers quality workwear of the type of work overalls with many pockets, which is highly valued by all climbers.

The item is characterized by a fabric that in certain places has triple-reinforced seams. These are the most motion-sensitive areas, which in constant work in a certain position wear out in a shorter time and break faster. With reinforced seams, worries about this type of workwear problem are completely unnecessary.

This way you can be sure that investing in a jumpsuit with many pockets guarantees you long-term use combined with maximum security.

The cut of the overalls for climbers follows the classic line typical for this type of clothing. The advantages, in this case, are the attractive vision and small details that make the model even more practical. The look we mentioned is characterized by a style and radiance that are not typical of workwear. Тротоарни плочки Пазарджик

The black color in combination with a light board in the lower half of the legs and white seams add a touch of designer look to the outfit. Only the overall design typical of this type of item implies that it is a product created for work.

As for the small details that we mentioned, we are talking about pockets that are more than standard in such overalls. They have more departments that make clothing suitable for professions that require the use of a large number of fine tools – climbers, specialists in cutting dangerous trees, hygienists, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and more.

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Quality white work overalls with orange accent

Online shop for workwear and gardening products Garden Shop Pro presents to its customers an exclusive white work jumpsuit at a great price. This work garment is one of the most bought models by masters – painters. Extremely comfortable when working in all positions and places.

The white overalls are made of fabric for work clothes, which are resistant to abrasion, wear, and tear.

This model of workwear is suitable for people performing all kinds of free professions – construction, painting, gardening, landscaping, professional cleaning, carpentry. The overalls are often appreciated when working in the garden and yard, at the villa, in the village, for movers, hygienists, plumbers, electricians, and others.

The advantages of overalls as workwear are many. They are easy to dress and undress, give you freedom of movement in different positions without tightening and killing you.

Despite the white color, these overalls are bought by many car mechanics, loggers, farmers, and others. It is often preferred by companies that want to make promotional workwear for their employees with an embroidered logo or print.

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Men’s work suit – (set) jacket with quality overalls

Online shop for workwear Gardenbg com offers its customers a comfortable and high-quality model of work clothes made of fabric masterfully combined from cotton and polyester 220 g / sq.m. The set consists of a work overall and a quality work jacket in a stylish gray color.

This work suit is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer of workwear and clothing. Workwear is suitable for a number of professions – gardeners, gardeners, construction workers, various types of craftsmen, masons, general workers, painters, car mechanics, and others. The work set is highly valued for home use of the villa, in the garden and yard, for work in the garage, and more.

Both the quality overalls and the work jacket are made of strong fabric for work clothes – cotton, reinforced with polyester. This fabric is dense and quite resistant to various types of loads – abrasion when working with various machines and tools, it is resistant to cracking and tearing, while cotton gives softness and coolness during the work process.

It is often preferred by various construction companies such as company workwear, priced by landscaping and landscaping companies, for professional gardeners who deal with the maintenance of gardens and yards.

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Winter work overalls in light blue color for work at sub-zero temperatures

For you consumers, we offer in our store GradenBG com another type of winter work overalls. It is multifunctional. Color – light blue, dense, and comfortable. It is made of a special breathable cotton fabric that keeps the body temperature without sweating and steaming. It is perfect for working outdoors in severe winter conditions when working in negative temperatures.

It can be used by many people with different professions such as carpenters, construction workers, turners, locksmiths, drivers, electricians, cleaners, work in the home and garden, and other free professions that require work clothes.

It is highly valued by all who work in slaughterhouses, refrigerators, and freezers, in high mountain conditions, where the winter has lower temperatures.

It is made in Bulgaria with quality fabric – 100% cotton. Its density is 260 g per square meter, which makes the overalls especially suitable for the winter season.

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