Winter work overalls in light blue color for work at sub-zero temperatures

For you consumers, we offer in our store GradenBG com another type of winter work overalls. It is multifunctional. Color – light blue, dense, and comfortable. It is made of a special breathable cotton fabric that keeps the body temperature without sweating and steaming. It is perfect for working outdoors in severe winter conditions when working in negative temperatures.

It can be used by many people with different professions such as carpenters, construction workers, turners, locksmiths, drivers, electricians, cleaners, work in the home and garden, and other free professions that require work clothes.

It is highly valued by all who work in slaughterhouses, refrigerators, and freezers, in high mountain conditions, where the winter has lower temperatures.

It is made in Bulgaria with quality fabric – 100% cotton. Its density is 260 g per square meter, which makes the overalls especially suitable for the winter season.

The model has an elastic waist, loose legs, side pockets, and a large chest pocket with a zipper, which provides protection against dropping the necessary tools. It has two side volume pockets. The dressing is very easy through the straps, which have buttons on the front left and right under the shoulders.

The straps are adjustable.
This model is valued because it has a slot/shop/. The pockets on the legs of the overalls are very deep and functional.

One of the advantages of the winter overalls in blue is that it has reinforced knees and buttocks, which increases its strength during various activities.
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Color: Light blue.
Fabric: 100% cotton 260 g / sq.m
Product weight: 900 g.
Model size from the photo: 52
Leg length: 85 cm.
Attention! Suitable for people with a belly circumference (at the height of the navel): about 104 cm.

This model of overalls is also available in the following sizes:
46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;
** All sizes have a leg length of 85 cm.

How to order the right size work clothes?
1. Use the table to see which size is best for you.
2. Measure the circumference of your abdomen in a relaxed state at the height of the navel.
3. Measure the length of the trouser leg of suitable clothes (the measurement is made from the crotch to the end of the trouser leg at the seam).
Overalls size – cm Suitable for people with belly circumference (at navel level) – cm Leg length – cm
46 About 92 85
48 About 96 85
50 About 100 85
52 About 104 85
54 About 108 85
56 About 112 85
58 About 116 85
60 About 120 85
* All overalls have a reserve for more comfortable wearing;

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