Beautiful hedges of Ligustrum vulgare 81

Common bird grapes or as it is also known in Bulgaria Ligustrum vulgare. Species of this genus originate from Europe, North America and the United States, western Asia. They are often found in our country as wild growing species ограничител за трева пластмаса

It is a shrub up to 2 meters tall, strongly branched, with deciduous leaves. In the warmer regions of the country, the foliage can be preserved until spring and is therefore a valuable plant in interior landscaping. It is one of the suitable shrubs for landscaping gardens and yards.

Ligustrum vulgare is a very unpretentious plant, suitable and durable when grown in different types of flower pots. When growing in pots, it is good to provide regular watering.

Characteristic of the leaves of this species is that they are dark green, shiny, slightly leathery, lighter in color below, and in shape they range from lanceolate to ovate – lanceolate, their length is from 2 to 6 (8) centimeters. This species blooms from June to mid-late July.

The flowers of Ligustrum Vulgare are very small, arranged in large numbers and gathered in complex clustered inflorescences, their color is white, creamy white or cream.

The flowers are not of great decorative value, and the species is mainly used for making hedges, hedges, and tolerates very good pruning (partial or strong).

The fruits of Ligustrum are black balls, Usually bird grapes (Ligustrum vulgare) small in size 2-6 millimeters in diameter, located on the complex bunch, they are also of low decorative value.

The flowers are often pruned to keep the species from flourishing. By pruning them, a strong thickening and shaping in the desired shape is achieved.

The species tolerates our climatic conditions very well, withstands well in winter, is not affected by severe cold and low temperatures.

Ligustrum is a species that tolerates drought in the soil, requires nutrient-rich soils, well drained, but tolerates and grows well in poorer conditions. It can be said that it is a plant that grows on any soil.

Relatively undemanding species, and therefore extremely used species, tolerates well urban conditions and air dust.

Bird grapes are propagated very easily, both by seeds and cuttings (top, semi-ripe, ripe).

Hedge of common bird grapes (Ligustrum vulgare) This is an extremely useful species that is highly valued by us gardeners. It is often used in various parts, suitable for public areas with less care, and widely used for representative parts, such as office buildings, hotels, blocks of flats, for street landscaping as a hedge.

It tolerates pruning, allows us gardeners to give it a variety of shapes and to give mobility or emphasis to your garden, depending on the style of the overall compositional idea.

This species has several variety forms, which differ in the different color of the leaves and can be used both for single decorative species in the composition and in the formation of a beautiful and colorful hedge for your yard and garden. It is suitable for designing and building hedges.

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